Why I love Chicken Deli and watching Hunger Games

Chicken had become a Filipino favorite dish spanning centuries of rich Filipino history. Back in the time when Filipinos were famished with freedom under the Spanish colonization, chicken became a very interesting object of history. I remembered my History professor in college narrating how we have assimilated the culture of eating left-overs and innards the European priests will throw at the gutter, hence, "IUD, Betamax, Adidas and Helmet". Only the rich and the noble priests were allowed to eat meat and the parts they'd throw will be the things the enterprising Chinese will recycle and sell to the poor Filipino farmers. Today, we still love chicken and we have concocted thousands of recipes with chicken and have made the world love our Adobo. The turn of the 21st century created a trend to hype dishes with spices and herbs. Ilonggo's pride, Chicken Inasal became so popular influencing a billionaire to buy its competitor. At SM North EDSA lies a Chicken Barbecue stall feeding the working majority who have made the Unli-Rice culture Filipinos' coined term and more. Chicken Deli serves Chicken BBQ Inasal with Unli-Rice and an added freebie- free soup. Pork BBQ , Liempo and Chicken Inasal at the most affordable price of Php99 with free soup. Like the movie says, "Let the Hunger Games begin!" I love Chicken Deli for its price and its promise bringing more hope for the working Filipino. Where will the priests be? We know we'd all be at Chicken Deli.