Event: Yoshinoya whips new dishes in the menu

Yoshinoya = Best Gyudon may be an obsolete thought replaced soon. I've turned Japanese with all the exciting dishes I've been eating these days. I've redefined my Japanese experience attending Yoshinoya Robinson Galleria's launch of new mouth-watering variety of signature dishes last week with fellow foodies. I've loved their Gyudon and I was so excited what surprises they'd be showing until the waiters started serving food on parade.
First served was this Veggie Beef Bowl- tender slices of beef simmered with fresh sliced onions in a special broth of herbs and spices with mixed vegetables on top of steaming white rice. I really loved the baby corn and broccoli veggies on top and it was really so delicious.
Those who prefer more meat will really love Tokyo Beef- tender slices of pure beef and onions sauteed into perfection garnished with sesame seeds and capsicum slices. This reminded me of their Beef Gyudon but with more color and flavor. The sweetness of the capsicum truly complemented the saltiness of the beef with a nutty hint at the end of the bite.
Shrimp Tempura- one of all-time favorites of Japanese foodies is a bowl of deep-fried white prawns glazed with a special tendon sauce over steaming white rice served with battered and deep-fried veggies. I loved that they have presented the Shrimp Tempura with less batter and that the shrimps used were bigger than usual.
Chicken Tempura - battered and deep-fried chicken chunks with sweet potato and eggplant served with special tendon sauce on top of steamed white rice. I really loved the sweet potato with the dish because of its texture and sweetness.
Yoshi Chicken - double-coated and deep-fried chicken smothered with Yoshinoya's special sauce. Although it may remind you of the famous deep-fried spiced chicken from other restos, Yoshinoya's Yoshi Chicken competes at the top of its class with its unique taste, presentation and texture. 
Tokyo Chicken - grilled chicken fillet with special ginger-based marinade draped with special Japanese sauce served with mixed vegetables on top of steamed white rice. Those going on diet may prefer this over the fried dishes with less cholesterol.
Finally, Pork Tonkatsu - deep-fried pork Tonkatsu with shredded cabbage dipped on special sauce on top of steamed white rice. 
Of all these dishes, what truly stood out for me were Veggie Beef and their Shrimp Tempura. I was so happy with the sweet potato that I have lost interest with the shrimp. Veggie Beef for me promises a true hearty and healthy meal because of the mixed vegetables and the beef indulgence. I'd visit Yoshinoya again for some of those sweet potato and the Veggie Beef with fresh vegetables. Yoshinoya had redefined themselves with their new dishes on the menu and you should all try them out. All these new signature dishes will be initially available at Robinson's Galleria Branch and soon in other branches. 


  1. I'm on a diet (again for the nth time!!!) but this post made me want to forget about it and head to Yoshinaya ASAP! Yum! :) We're moving back to Manila soon, please make me your +1. Haha! :)

  2. I will do dear! I miss you! See u soon! Kain tayo Yoshinoya! game!

  3. Nakakagutom! The photos look so delicious. I gotta try these dishes!

  4. I don't think I've ever tasted Chicken Tempura before. I feel like such a loser! :P The Yoshi Chicken looks really good as well. I'd really want to try that. Everything else looks splendid as well. Makes me hungry!


  5. Thank you Sai and Mary for all your comments! Go and try some of those new dishes at Yoshinoya! I really miss you all!!!


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