Event: Xian Lim loves McDo Quezon Avenue

A bright summer fun day. This is an image you'd see with Xian Lim and he is really a perfect image of the newest Summer Float of McDonald's Philippines. I was fortunate to be at McDonald's Quezon Avenue last Tuesday witnessing the enigmatic Xian Lim with the fans and the members of the media sampling the newest Summer Float Flavors: Blueberry, Four Seasons, Green Apple and Honey Banana.
Being a McDo Drive-Thru patron, my son had always ordered McFloat with his fave Big Mac twice a week and with the new flavors of Summer Float at only P29/each, this will spell more reasons for me to frequent the Regalado Highway branch. What's great about McDo we don't know is that since 2004, McDonald's Philippines had completely owned the franchise. It had become so Filipino adapting with the times and the culture of the Filipinos.
The wholesome and adorable Xian Lim the fans love is perfect as the image endorser of the new Summer Float Flavors. I was able to try three out of the five, Blueberry, Green Apple and Honey Banana and it's really going to make you feel like "walking on sunshine". Surprising for me to listen to Xian Lim sing but he can actually carry relaxing and easy tunes like the McDo Summer Float theme song. I'd probably try the Four Seasons Summer Float next time I do Drive-Thru with my fave Chicken McNuggets and Big Mac. Oh, and who will not forget the most coveted -McDo Fries?
Try McDo's new Summer Float available at all McDonald's nationwide (Php29). For more updates, visit the Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/McDo.Ph


  1. Mother! I couldnt agree more, masarap talaga yang si xian errr..summer float pala! hihihi

  2. i love you Rome hihihihi! thanks for the comments..
    lovingly yours,
    helen vela este mommy jo
    love ya!


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