Event: P & G Proud Sponsor of Moms with Kris Aquino and the Philippine Olympic Team 2012

Just in time celebrating the International Women's Day today, Procter and Gamble Philippines honored the most important women in the lives of the Philippine Olympic Team 2012 last night at the Blue Leaf after the announcement of the partnership with the International Olympic Committee sending more hopes for the Filipino athletes for London 2012 Olympic Games.
President Peping Cojuangco Jr. of the Philippine Olympic Committee in his solidarity message commended the campaign recognizing not only the athletes but the mothers who give full support to the country's representatives in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games
Presenting Ms. Kris Aquino as the Proud Sponsor of Moms Ambassador, Procter and Gamble Philippines presented the country's first qualified athlete competing in light flyweight boxing, Mark Anthony Barriga. The 18-year-old delegate is among the youngest against more experienced boxers in the division. His wish to make the country proud with his mom will finally come true after P & G Phils. announced that they will be sponsoring Mrs. Melita Barriga or "Momsky"as Mark calls her from Davao Del Norte to Manila and soon to London. 
Mrs. Barriga was sent from Davao Del Norte to Manila for the event and was pampered given beauty treatments to prepare for the momentous event. The P & G Team also took care of all Momsky's chores to make sure her family is doing fine while she attended the event, improved her home and left them all with a one-year-supply of P&G products. After the hilarious interview by Mombassador Ms. Kris Aquino where Momsky shared her fears about his son's boxing, the announcement of P&G sponsoring Mrs. Barriga's flight to London got everyone excited. It was also the same moment that moms from the media were also given a medal each for recognition.
I was teary-eyed at Momsky's stories about Mark and I was happy that Procter and Gamble Phils. granted a mom's wish. This acknowledgement will definitely push more athletes especially the younger ones to excel and persevere to be part of the Philippine Olympic team knowing that a great company like P&G recognizes mothers' contribution to the athletes' success. The event daunted me to remember and acknowledge the efforts of my own mom like Kris who shared also her stories about her own mom during the event. I am forever grateful for my mother who have always supported me in my own endeavors in life. Thank you P&G Philippines for saluting all the mothers!