Event: John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese introduces their Greatest Hits

John and Yoko were legendary names my generations will never forget. I will also never forget the Bloggers Night at John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese Restaurant Alabang Town Center last Tuesday night. More than the artistic decors and lavish designs of the restaurant filled with beautiful people and the classy cutlery, John and Yoko Restaurant was first established before its affiliate resto Mr. Kurosawa by Sumo Sam Foods according to Mr. Ricky Laudico (one of the owners). Although the prices of the food may not cater to all, it's still worth to dine at John and Yoko Restaurant because:
1. You'd want to bring a special person to some place really special with elegant chairs and interiors. These decors actually set the mood for a perfect date. The resto located at the lower ground along with other posh restos in Alabang Town Center is more beautifully structured with accommodating staff and waiters to attend to your needs.
2. New dishes dubbed "Greatest Hits" include:
Crunchy Kani Roll - fried crabstick with cucumber and Japanese Mayo for P278.
Chicken Teriyaki and Mango Pizza (P309)- crunchy and really appetizing. I really loved that sweet and sour mango taste with the chicken teriyaki bits on top.
Shrimp Enoki Pizza -(P368) sweet and sour pineapple bits with tasty shrimps with oozing mozzarella cheese on top made me forget my plan to diet. 
Big Star Salad-(P368) greens with grilled prawns, fresh cherry tomatoes, mango, candied walnuts with teriyaki sauce and miso dressing. It really deserves the name because you'd sing and hum in different tunes at the first bite. I've definitely grown love for salad once again.
Smoked Salmon and Tuna Roll (P239) - a must try at John and Yoko because of the contrast of tastes and the black sesame seeds that creates the nutty and smokey experience.
Seafood Shabu-Shabu (P499) revamped diners to choices of black miso, brown miso or kimchi base soups to suit their preferences. I loved also their choices of dips and sauces. A hearty meal to share with friends and family, it was really hard to breathe after.
Wagyu Ramen- as the name suggests, it has wagyu beef strips and if you will compare it to your regular ramen, you'd definitely love the hefty servings although the wagyu beef strips may really be incomparable to your other wagyu experience. It's simply ramen at the top of its class, still worth a try.
Sizzling Gyudon (P348) is big for one person so it would be perfect for a great romantic date to get the girl to share food with you. I loved the scrambled eggs on top.
Sizzling Katsudon (P268) as the name suggests boasts of salty, sweet and tasty Katsudon strips on hot steamy rice topped with scrambled egg and onion leaves. 
Finally, John and Yoko's signature dish, Japaella (P589) is Japanese-style Paella (sauteed Japanese rice with Spanish chorizo, onions, molinera, garlic, bell peppers topped with chicken and shrimps). I love the flavorful rice with hefty seafoods on top with Nori straws. This is definitely good to share with barkadas and family. It's too huge for two and it's too filling and tasty and I have just renewed my love for paella. 
Although I was offered to try their Flavored Yakults (orange, mango, strawberry, green apple) (P168), I chose to indulge on Choco Godzilla (P128) because of the chocolate milk powder on top. 
It was a simultaneous launch both in Greenbelt and ATC branches of their new promo on traditional Japanese donburi dubbed, "Bowl It or Sizzle It" - a choice of serving their Donburi (Gyudon, Katsudon, Tonkatsu, Torikatsu Curry) in rice bowls or served on sizzling plates.The feast served gave me more reasons to visit John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese Restaurant. Even if it was reviewed to be overpriced and ambitious by some, I would definitely recommend it to foodies who take the presentation of food seriously and people who appreciate ambiance with great service. I would love to bring the most important people in my life to John and Yoko for the food they serve and the great service they deliver. The most important people in my life deserve John and Yoko. I deserve to indulge again on their Big Star Salad soon.
For more information:
John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese Restaurant is located at the Lower Ground floor of Alabang Town Center and at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center. For inquiries and reservations, please call Greenbelt (7298698) or ATC (4787917). Like them also in FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/John-and-Yoko-Cosmopolitan-Japanese for more updates.