Event: Great to chill and relax at Figaro Ace Water Spa's Live Acoustic Band!

I love going to spas especially Ace Water Spa. I've been going to Figaro and Ace Water Spa for quite some time now but realizing there's more than just coffee, pasta and pastries in my favorite coffee shop was what got me more excited. We had an opportunity to visit Figaro Ace Water Spa in Pasig and to meet Mr. Nilo Calatrava last week with fellow foodies. It was just so convenient I thought that Figaro is located in the ground level of the hydropressure spa in the newest branch of Ace Water Spa in Pasig. Those trying to save some money cutting on out-of-town trips may just indulge in the water relaxation here and sip Filipino coffee at Figaro
The live acoustic band I thought would be one loud space-consuming area but they were just two people with mic (one cute female singer and one guitarist). They sang of songs so familiar and we had a great time singing along while we started enjoying the feast served:
My ultimate fave in Figaro- Figaro Club served with potato crisps on top.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich which used freshly-toasted Ciabatta bread and fresh and crisp salad side.
Of course I chose Figaro's Taro Milk Pudding Milk Tea
All-time best-seller Pasta Ala Carlo was also served with grand presentation. I really love the punctuation of spice and sweetness in this pasta.
Margherita Pizza was crispy and tasty with toppings so fresh and crispy. The sweetness of the peppers complemented the saltiness of the cheese and the black olives. 
It's such a treat to end a meal with these beautiful Latte Art and Pudding served at Figaro Ace Water Spa. I tried the experience of listening to the mellow sound overhearing the acoustic band outside with gentle breeze of the wind and enjoyed the catch-up chat with my college best friend, Simon Arias. It was a perfect spot and we both decided to stay because Figaro Ace Water Spa's al fresco area was just so relaxing. A few more chats about spa and yoga and we didn't realize that it was already past 10pm. The accommodating staff of Figaro Ace Water Spa didn't even tell us to go but the smiles at the counter gave us the signal to come back next time. 
No need for karaoke, loud music and grand buffet because Figaro Ace Water Spa has everything I need to chill with my best friend. I left the place thinking we should go to the spa together and was totally convinced to push my body to go for  yoga. I would love to go back Figaro Ace Water Spa for more of their coffee, pasta and sandwiches with free live acoustic band every weekend.
For more information:
Figaro Ace Water Spa is located at the ground floor of D'Ace Plaza, United Sts. corner Briston St. (Near Pioneer Center) Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig. For inquiries, parties and events, please call 477-9789, mobile: 0922-4303781 and email: figaro_ace@ymail.com.