Event: Climate Change Commission launches Cinema Ad at LORAX premiere in SM IMAX

We all need a Lorax. The cry needs to be heard. As Thneedville's Once-ler seemed to have set another story of a boy-who-cried-wolf and the world is continually devastated with calamities, a Lorax within the movie plot and out is what we all need to snap out of our habits. 
 It was an interesting diaspora of conflicts, imagery and satire attending the special screening of Lorax sponsored by the Climate Change Commission at IMAX SM North EDSA last Saturday with the bloggers.  The Climate Change Commission attached to the Office of the President is an independent and autonomous agency tasked to coordinate, monitor and evaluate programs and action plans of the government relating to climate change. With R.A. 9279, it has formulated the National Framework Strategy on Climate Change (NFSCC), National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) and guidelines for Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP).
The first part was the showing of an animation infomercial about renewable energy dubbed, "R.E. Troopers" educating the movie-goers about climate change and the need for responsibility. 
Funny how they have ingeniously thought of addressing the child more than the grown-ups. Like the movie which teaches how important it is to have a Lorax, the campaign also teaches how important it is to remind the children of today about responsibility. The SM Cinema Marketing Manager had announced the agreement of Climate Change Commission with all SM Cinemas and all Ayala Malls Cimemas to religiously show the R.E. Troopers infomercial at every movie screening after that day. 
Present during the event was 2011 Ms. Earth Philippines, beauty queens from different regions in the country and other officials from Climate Change Commission.  I loved the character of Zac Efron playing Ted and though it seemed uncanny and proverbial that Dr. Seuss' reason for reigniting the passion for trees was because of a first love's wish, it was still a very interesting and entertaining story relating to the lost of love for trees. It reminded me of a friend who reminded us that it takes 9 coffee trees to produce a bag of coffee beans or something like that. I have also reflected on the lost of recognition of the Philippine trees -Narra and Amlang
Just in time celebrating the EARTH HOUR on March 31, it is time to step out and make a difference once again. I still want to show what Amlang tree looks like to my grandchildren someday so I will keep promoting the campaign of Climate Change Commission. Contrary to the buzz about the President #noynoying, heading the promotion of Climate Change Commission is such a noble and admirable cause we should all support. Bash the illegal loggers and the corrupt! Let's start saving trees, please. Heed the call of no one but the trees. 
Follow the lead of the kids, learn from R.E. Troopers and let's all save planet earth now.