Alici Pizza for Lent from Angels Pizza Pasta Combo

No meat at all. This Filipino tradition we always observe should not really give us that trouble of looking for what's available because Angels Pizza Pasta Combo now has Alici Pizza! Alici or Anchovies in Italian is the main star of the feast safe to eat this Lenten season. 
I thought I'd only be the one enjoying the pizza and when I left the box half-consumed, my son had finished the other half of the Big Family Alici Pizza in just a few minutes. After eating everything, he finally asked what the ingredients were.
 Alici Pizza is made from freshly-made dough topped with fresh tomato slices, black olives on special tomato sauce with oozing mozzarella cheese. I really loved the texture of the pizza and the fact that it's not salty considering the anchovies. The tomato slices with the black olives contrasting the texture of anchovies created a perfect mixture of flavors in my mouth. I would start loving the culture of fasting if there would always be Alici Pizza
I would recommend this to all especially knowing the health benefits of anchovies in the body - rich in Omega 3s which lowers the cholesterol level, protein and calories, high in selenium, calcium and Niacin to help the nervous system, skin and digestive tract. Of the countless benefits from eating Alici Pizza, I was sold to the fact that it reduces the risk of heart disease. I'd love to fast with Alici Pizza, yummy and healthy now available at all Angels Pizza Pasta Combo outlets nationwide. For delivery, call 922-22-22 and visit their FB page at