What happened to Buy and Sell Philippines?

Buy and Sell Philippines Magazine used to be the only magazine featuring free ads and it was always what most people bought looking for jobs. Since Buy and Sell Philippines announced in their magazine (while I was looking for a house rental) that they have created a website a decade ago, I was so excited to view the free ads especially those that contain personals because of my neighbor who laughs about the international penpal ads. My first trial then was a failure because the Yahoo searches fell on websites that is redirected to traffic sites. I've realized that what they have posted as URL in the printed magazine was not the real URL so I tried different URL matches until I finally got used to it. 
Years passed and everyone I knew recommended another site which I thought then looked exactly like Buy and Sell Philippines. I tried searching for Buy and Sell Philippines to compare until Friendster opened it's OLX Philippines site and I found it convenient to be linked to my social networking site. Then came a similar popular site we now know as Sulit.com.ph. I was disappointed that it was difficult to find the international penpal ads which I found entertaining then so I searched again for Buy and Sell Philippines. Since it disappeared, I resorted to the printed magazine especially back in the early 2001 when we were looking for used cars. Buy and Sell Philippines created separate ads magazines for automobiles like the CarFinder. Other magazines from Buy and Sell Philippines became popular also like Property Finder for those looking for real estate and house rentals and Job Finder. I got confused and I found it convenient to look for different places so I switched back to searching everything I need online.
When we were invited to the Bloggers Day with Buy and Sell Philippines last January 29, 2012 featuring Make Up Designory at Banapple Too, I was surprised that it got back online and with the promotion of its new layout of the website. I've noticed that it looked very different from what it was before and now similarly, like its competitors, with premium paid ads to be highlighted in the searches. I was honestly disappointed seeing so many ads unlike its previous interface and its features. Buy and Sell Philippines is the proponent and the pioneer in posting FREE ADS and it still does except that you'd find it quite tacky and not too convenient to use compared to its competitors. It's sad but like all the other digital marketers who created websites to market product and services, Buy and Sell Philippines does deserve the attention. It's still a great website when searching for products and services, they just need a push like what I'm trying to do with this post. My take on the issue is still to promote the page and subscribe because it's always better to have many choices when researching for THE BEST BUY. Visit www.buyandsellph.com and explore how it can actually make your lives easier. Free Ads still need authentication and security like the others. Buy and Sell Philippines is a choice search engine. It's still a great website to post free ads and sell whatever you like. Discover the wonders of free ads from the proponent in the Philippines. Visit www.buyandsellph.com now!


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