TV5's Nandito Ako presscon: International Icon David Archuleta passionately sings Nandito Ako

Time for a constant LSS (last song syndrome) again after listening to American Idol Season 7's runner-up icon David Archuleta sang "Nandito Ako" at the grand presscon last night. After signing a contract for his acting debut in the Philippines, David Archuleta completed the three-week shoot of TV5's most anticipated primetime program, Nandito Ako with the network's promising young actresses, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero.
The song originally sung by Ogie Alcasid became popular after the rendition of Lea Salonga and Thalia in the past and I was curious what the song had to play in the story of this miniserye. When the full trailer was unveiled during the presscon, I became excited who'd end up with David (playing Josh Bradley). Supporting the cast are veteran actresses Gelli De Belen, G. Tongi and Aiko Melendez with TV5's respected talents, Ana Feleo, Ana Capri, Alwyn Uytingco, Mon Confiado, Joseph Bitangcol, RS Francisco, David Bianco, Byron Ortile, and Ms. Perla Bautista.
This is the exciting comeback of G. Toengi in Philippine television after years of staying in the United States. She shared to the press that she was able to finish studying Film at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). She was actually convinced to come back to the Philippines after Facebook messages from friends. Ms. Gelli De Belen and Ms. Aiko Melendez were also asked if they ever had real-life physical fight like what they have done in "Nandito Ako" because they've been close friends since the '80s. 
Mr. Allan Diones also asked if the rumors were true that Jasmine Curtis-Smith had developed a "something" with David after his surprise attendance at sister Anne Curtis' "Anne-bisyosa" concert. David Archuleta was simply grateful for the invitation and he said that he attended with the whole crew from TV5.  I was also given the privilege to ask David what he will remember of the Filipino cast and working in the Philippines and he replied, "I've felt how much everyone is giving. It's one of the best experiences I've had for a long time. They were hospitable and I felt really at home". When he mentioned food, I was curious what Filipino delicacies he had tried and since the QandA was cut short because of the busy schedule of the international pop icon, I turned to TV5's Star Factor and network princess, Eula Caballero on what David had tried during the shoot.
"Balut" said Eula. "But he didn't eat the chick because we had to shoot more scenes and we wouldn't want him to be forced to completely eat the whole thing", she added. I really hoped to get David narrate the whole experience but I also understand that he had more important issues and activities to attend. 
I was happy to have interviewed Ms. G. Toengi at least who was so friendly and happy with the experience. 
A peek of "Nandito Ako" during the grand presscon got me excited who was David Archuleta serenading at the end. Will he fall for Holly or Anya? I'm already excited so don't ever miss the premiere episode of Nandito Ako starring David Archuleta, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero starting Monday (Feb. 20) after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.
I found G. Tongi's midterm directing class video and I was surprised that she was able to get Dante Basco. OMG! here's the link -


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