The shiznit at Aria Cucina Italiana

I fell in love with Parma Ham at Aria Cucina Italiana Manila. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and I thought of sharing an exquisite dining experience with a foodie friend at the newly-opened Aria Cucina Italiana in Bonifacio High Street, BGC. I remembered how I loved the Hawaiiana pizza I take out to bring in my room in Boracay years ago and when I knew they opened a branch in BHS, it daunted me to reminisce the memorable dining pleasure I've enjoyed at Aria in Boracay. 
It was the soft opening and I was surprised to have arrived at the place flocked with so many people at 3pm. My friend and I were greeted with courtesy and guided to where we'd be most comfortably seated and given a menu. The genuine smiles and courtesy to give time and allow us to ask details about the menu were quite extraordinary. The well-trained service staff attended at questions on how each dish is prepared and how big the servings are.
I have opted for my favorite drink in Boracay, Watermelon Shake (P120) and my friend Ely chose Tropical Shake (P120) to go with our pasta choice, Tagliatele con tartufo asparagi e prosciutto di parma (Homemade Tagliatele with white truffle, asparagus and parma ham) (P460) and Aria Pizza (Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Parma Ham) (P570). We've both decided to have a prosciutto frenzy as these will not be easily available in most resto where we both live. 
I was just beginning to tell my friend my memorable dining experiences in Aria Boracay when the orders arrived. They were really fast and the impeccable presentation lit the eyes of my friend who was not too hungry after a heavy lunch. The drinks and the dishes were made fresh and fast and we were told by the very nice waitress that one of the cook who made our food was an original staff from Boracay. 
I was so excited with the pizza which my friend really appreciated. The evenly distributed prosciutto in each slice made us both quiet and the lavish turned shame experience happened when the ham dropped in my plate. I was not ashamed to put them back in my mouth because I really enjoyed the saltiness and sweetness of the tomatoes while chewing the freshly-made dough with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. We shared the pasta and pizza like kids hovering over slices of goodies. My friend was laughing at my gesture to use my hand instead of the fork to bite at the pizza while he rolled the pasta in his' in style. 
 Aria Cucina Italiana in Bonifacio High Street has variety of dishes the foodies and the not will enjoy. It isn't a wonder why even the foreigners in Manila will have the patience to wait at long lines of diners for a seat during dinners at Aria because the food is truly excellent in taste, presentation and quality. The service is really impeccable with smiles to extend until you leave the place. 
I can't wait to go back for Aria's Ravioli next time with my friends!  Buon Appetite at Aria Cucina Italiana!
For more information:
Boracay is located at the beachfront of D'Mall of Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. Open from 11am to 1am daily. For reservations and other inquiries, please call 063.288.5573 or 036.288.6223 or email
Manila is located at 2nd Level of East Superblock, 30th St. corner 7th St. Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For reservations and other inquiries, call 6230119 or 4047524 and 09175195368


  1. Love ur post! I'd like to experience dining at Aria too, small world though, Jenny's bro in law is the resto manager of Aria in Boracay. hihihi ;)

  2. thanks Jing, I have so many memories at Aria Boracay, BHS branch is always packed so have your seats reserved!

  3. Thanks so much for writing about us, Jing! We're glad you enjoyed your first visit to our Aria Cucina Italiana BHS branch. We hope to see you again soon :)

  4. now you got me craving!

  5. Thank you Aria for bringing the Boracay haven here in Manila. Head to BHS @pinkcookies!


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