Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon is a great sparty venue

What's with UV Gel Nail Polish? I felt pampered at home last Saturday at Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon with girlfriends. Like all the other experiences in spas and salon, I'd always look for what sets the new one apart from the others. Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon is best for girlfriends who seek cheap yet quality service of pampering and waxing salon services. From head to foot services of manicure, pedicure, foot spa, massage (body, hand and foot) paraffin, Threading, we all chose what we have not tried before. Their latest services offered include the UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn. Quite pricey for P430 but the fact that it guarantees your nail polish to last for 15 days made me subscribe to it together with Ear Candling and Eyelash Extensions
The quaint little shop may not contain be able too many customers but the services were par excellence. It was pretty convenient for the five of us who have not tried the UV Gel Nail Polish. The first procedure was the Strawberry Foot Soak and Scrub with gentle foot massage using their signature wood tub while we started sharing stories about our blogs and friends. 
I chose what my crush's favorite color of nail polish with Jennifer Lynn's UV Nail Color-Fiery Red while the others chose blush of pink hues and reds. At every nail color application, nails were put in the UV Ray Machine to set the color and create the gel-like texture. The therapist made sure that it won't chip and budge by rubbing the nails with alcohol. It took only a few minutes (or I may have talked too much with my girlfriends that I have lost consciousness of time) and I was ready for the Ear Candling. It was my first time and I thought they'd put the whole thing inside my ear, but they didn't. It was only on the outer surface using a paper plate with hole as gauge to not irritate the ear and funnel all the ashes that may fall off. Said to be good for people who suffer Vertigo and other body balance problems, I got very excited when they put the folded wax paper in my ear. I felt like nothing happened and when they opened the paper, I saw hot it was able to vacuum all the excess ear wax. Compared to other shops, they won't tell you that it's not good to have the Ear Candling every week. Mrs. Sheryl Cabangon, the proprietress was too honest telling us all that although it feels good to have it often, it's best to just do it once a month so as to protect the ears and keep its natural wax.

The next service I ordered was the Eyelash Extensions which compared to other shops and salons, used black glue and shield on both upper and lower eyelids. It made me cry again but the result was really fantastic. It was too durable that I felt no hair ever fell after a week. I really love my Eyelash Extensions and the best service they'd give you is a cheaper service of removal and retouching of your Eyelash Extensions. 
I used to have nail polish chipping after a day because of cooking and typing but it's been a week now and it still look perfect. What's best about Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon is the service. Each staff will ensure your comfort and satisfaction checking at every need regardless if it's about their service or more. I felt so happy having a pampering sparty with my girlfriends at Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon last Saturday. I was surprised at first when I arrived at the area seeing too many locals trying to avail of their services and when I saw the prices, I knew then that even those household helpers can really afford it. 
With the prices they offer at Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon, I'm more confident to host and throw  sparty with my friends. They even offer Signature Packages that'll keep you beautiful and relaxed. I'm too excited to avail of these exciting Signature Packages: Full Body Massage with Mani plus Pedi (P400), One hour Full Body Massage and Ear Candling (P450), One Hour Full Body Massage plus Ventosa (P700), Rar Candling plus Eyelash Perm (P450), Hand Paraffin with Mask and Manicure (with Nail Art-P350), Foot Spa with Mask and Pedicure (with nail art P450), Foot Paraffin with Pedicure plus 30min Foot Reflex (P350), Brazilian Wax plus Underarm Wax (P500), Brazilian Wax with Ear Candling (P650), Brazilian Wax plus Under Arm Wax and Half Leg Wax (P700), Full body Scrub plus one hour Full Body Massage (P650), Eyelash Extension plus Ear Candling and Eyebrow Threading (P800), Full Body Scrub plus Full Body Mask plus Full Body Massage (P1500). Cheap right? It isn't just cheap, the services and the staff will make you feel completely satisfied so head to Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon because their reservations are off the hook as we speak. 
For more information:
Polished'em Nails and Waxing Salon is located at 59 road 3 Project 6, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Call 384-3665/586-2469. Open from 10am to 9pm daily