Event: On relationship status and more at Unofficially Yours Grand Press Conference

Filipinos are hung up on status. It's a big deal to tell the whole world that a relationship is defined. I've reflected on labels and status after attending the grand press conference of Star Cinema's "Unofficially Yours" last Wednesday at ABS-CBN. Directed by the the well-known Cathy Garcia-Molina, "Unofficially Yours" stars Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz in a story of a relationship that started in a one-night stand. 
The film also stars the Martinez sisters, Patrizhia, Dana and Danielle (Yayo and William's siblings), Edgar Allan Guzman, Boom Labrusca, Ian De Leon, K Brosas, Melissa Mendez, Hyubs Alarcon, Mel Kimura and Panying; featuring the special participation of Tetchie Agbayani and Edgar Mortiz in movie that most youth fall into these days.
Quite daring I thought for patronizing the realities that most of the elders refuse to discuss but it's a relevant issue that can also leave a lasting impression to those who would want to try getting into one-night-stands. When the stars were asked what was their relationship status, only Angel Locsin squealed that she is in the "unofficial" but bold explaining that what matters is what works in the relationship rather than what the public may think. 
It was interesting how the majority of the cast agreed how important it is to make a relationship "official" and I would like to believe it's the strong cultural dictate of the Filipinos which may not be ideal in some circumstances (e.g. like that of Angel's). Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina made my jaw drop at her responses that are so romantic and deep. I have much awe at how she views the details vividly which greatly contributed to the excitement the press felt during the press conference. 
This is one of the most exciting movie this year that will surely leave the movie-goers lessons about one-night-stand and movie lines to last a lifetime. Unofficially Yours will set movie quotes on fire this love season. My friends and family are already so excited to watch Unofficially Yours opening on Feb. 15, 2012 in over 100 theaters nationwide. 
Have you had a casual relationship? 
A Valentine movie date that'll teach you about relationship and Filipino culture, be sure not to miss "Unofficially Yours" on Feb. 15!