Event: Mr. Kurosawa's new dishes and drinks!

Akira Kurosawa is an inspiration-turned-chic-resto worth your time and money. I was in awe at the taste and ambiance attending Mr. Kurosawa's first Bloggers Night last week with fellow foodies. Conveniently located at the second floor near the escalator of the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila sits the posh Mr. Kurosawa resto meeting the needs of the players and mall-goers. A true haven of Japanese fusion dishes to delight your senses and beyond, Mr. Kurosawa is one of the Sumo Sam resto chains in Metro Manila taking inspiration from the works of the famous Japanese director regarded as one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema. 
Artistically decorated walls and ceilings from the director's artworks reminded me of his famous films and created more hunger to know what they offer in the menu. Families and couples dining in the place when we arrived ordered food with lavish presentations which gave me the impression of "pricey-maybe" but I was proven wrong. We were first given their new Milk Tea drinks:
Sanjuro - Iced Assam Black Milk Tea with powdered milk, sugar syrup and black pearls, Sakura - Iced Strawberry Milk Tea with strawberry ice cream and Yakult and Yojimbo - Matcha Milk Tea with Green Tea Ice Cream, black pearls and red beans. I really enjoyed the Sanjuro which reminded me of Wintermelon Milk tea I've grown addiction to and it was surprisingly cheap at P100/large. 
First dish served was their Last Samurai Chicken Wings. It was delightfully tasty and crunchy with sprinkled nuts to complement the taste. Served with four pieces of breaded and glazed chicken wings, Mr. Kurosawa's Last Samurai Chicken Wings can be shared to more than three people at an amazing price of P298. 
This is their Ebi Katsu - breaded deep-fried shrimps on a bed of cabbage strips drizzled with wasabi mayo and mango sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Tonkatsu Torikatsu - as the name suggests, breaded and deep-fried chicken and pork with veggie salad and three sauces. We had to ask for more of the orange sauce because it was really so delicious.
Next was their Shrimp Katsu with French Fries served with veggie salad and sweet and sour sauce. I really loved the crunch and the rich texture of the shrimps because they used no extenders.  
Finally, Fish Katsu served on a bed of french fries topped with lemon wedge and veggie salad on the side. The cream dory fish was so fresh and tasty, I'd choose it always over meat at Mr. Kurosawa.
Quite difficult to convene the bloggers who make the food look like celebrities taking too many photos before tasting but eventually the oohs and aahhs started. The lavish food presentations made me forget my plan to just get bite size pieces. It's always great to share food with your favorite people on earth. The food overpowered the art as each taste gave justice to their names. I can't choose which among the dishes moved me most because I had more helpings of each because of my company. I would love to share Mr. Kurosawa with my family and friends and I will definitely recommend dining in this place for the dishes they serve, the reasonable prices and more importantly, the impeccable service of the staff. They made sure every need was met and attended and we were all delighted at their courtesy and hospitality.
Experience Mr. Kurosawa serving you prodigal Japanese fusion dishes at reasonable prices. Like what the other reviews said, the food may sound simple and cocky but the presentation and the taste is definitely grand.
For more information:
Mr.Kurosawa is located at the 2nd floor of Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City. Like their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Kurosawa-Euro-Japanese. For reservations
call 908-8875.