Event: Lea Salonga sings TV5's Kanta Pilipinas OST

"She's not claiming to be a singer, she said she's an entertainer"- Lea Salonga. I was witness when Lea Salonga discussed how she particularly value singers who have created a name out of hardwork, commitment and passion in an interview during the shoot of TV5's upcoming biggest reality singing search, "Kanta Pilipinas" music video last night. The world-acclaimed Filipino singer Lea Salonga expressed her optimism about the OPM industry despite one international music distributor's announcement to leave the country because of piracy. "I'm most comfortable downloading music and paying for it than having the clutter of cds in my place" said Lea.
She did not actually mention the name of Anne Curtis whom she referred as an entertainer who dreamt of having a concert in the Big Dome and succeeded. She simply answered questions regarding how the Filipino talents of today were different from those of her time. The multi-awarded entertainer who won accolades for her music here and abroad, received awards in acting on TV, film and theatre continues to make the Filipino proud with her endeavors sung the theme song of "Kanta Pilipinas" composed by Frank Kiko Salazar (Awit Awards awardee for Best Vocal Arrangement for "Mahal Kita, Di Mo Pansin") and directed by Raffy Francisco (from HP Space TV show shown over Starworld Asia and Channel V Asia). 
I was actually surprised and happy that TV5 was able to get Lea to sing the OST of "Kanta Pilipinas" with her busy schedule of stage plays and concerts here and abroad. She expressed her excitement about the show and is willing to be one of the mentors to soon get more Filipinos appreciate local music and talents. 
"The music will live but we probably need to learn how to make Filipinos really pay for music downloading", added Lea on a follow-up question about the decline of music cd sales distribution in the country. I have none to describe our greatest singer except- impeccable. She was admirable expressing that it is more difficult to be a professional because you'd have to work on image, style and creativity when you've earned a name in the industry. She has no wishlist as to who she wants to sing next except for Ms. Bituin Escalante.
Ms. Lea Salonga is also releasing her new album ( recording her live NY concert) soon and will be preparing for her role in the new Broadway musical, Allegiance set to open in September this year. I am already excited to memorize the "Kanta Pilipinas" song as it presents a beat and tune that's always Lea's - always leaving you with LSS(last song syndrome). 
Kanta Pilipinas of TV5 is open to all Filipinos 14-30 years old, in solo, duo or group act of any genre. The nationwide search which will begin this February will soon give more chances for anyone to be famous. We'll always love what Lea sings, endorses and says. I love Lea and I can't wait to watch "Kanta Pilipinas:" soon.


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