The advantage of Anion Strip and Karylle as the new endorser of JEUNESSE

Jeunesse is French for "young" and it has Anion Strip. This new sanitary napkin and pantyliner endorsed by Karylle was launched last Wednesday at Patio Carlito Restaurant presented a more hygienic and revolutionary product for women during menstruation.
A smile at the storm as Karylle revealed Jeunesse's advantage of having Anion Strip that helps reduce odor and feminine discomfort. What does Anion do? It releases negative-charged ions that neutralizes bad odor attracted to positively-charged ions. I was excited with the product because I also use the most expensive brand. 
When given a demo on how different Jeunesse is with the leading brand, I was surprised how it can hold more than 60ml of water and the napkin was dry top and bottom while the leading brand was not. I also noticed how plastic greatly contributed to the moist that can generate bacteria in the genital areas crucial to developing fungi and other infections for the women. I was convinced and I will definitely give Jeunesse a try and recommend it to my colleagues (especially the elders who'd prefer the diapers over napkin). 
It's not even pricey because the SRP is P60/5pcs similar to the leading brand. The bottom of the napkin is not plastic to allow the air to flow but it will not spill because the fluid becomes a gel-like substance when poured on the napkin. I was definitely convinced and I can't wait to use Jeunesse soon. 
Will it cure or at least ease women suffering dysmenorrhea? I can't tell yet what Anion Strip in Jeunesse can do but I'm already convinced because the bottom is not made of plastic. It defnitely reminded me of the grannies who recommended the cloth instead of the napkin during menstruation. 
Smile like Karylle when having your period. Buy Jeunesse sanitary napkin and pantyliners available in all leading groceries nationwide. 
Jeunesse is available in three variants - the Day Pads, Night Pads and PantyLiners, also available in resealable packs. For more information about Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins, call 637-8104/09175642233 or visit Like Jeunesse Anion on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @jeunesseanion.