Review: Share Tea is fun to share now in the Philippines!

Salty, Cheesy, Creamy and Sweet. All that in a cup of Share Tea Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa Milk Tea at Share Tea I've recently visited with a friend in Pasig. It's called Rock Salt cheese with cocoa (P100/large) and it's one milk tea that will make you forget you're drinking tea because of the cocoa powder that's more pronounced than the tea flavor. I've also tried the Classic Share Tea Milk Tea (P100/large) but the difference is not just the taste.
If their Classic Milk Tea is is your choice, you'd be surprised to have those tapioca pearls which to some milk tea places will ask you of an extra charge. The taste is as milky as those served in other milk tea places except that the size is really taller and it wasn't as foamy as those in some famous milk tea. They do not also put other things extra like Machang powder on top. It's simply milk tea with tapioca pearls and the sugar level will also be asked like the others. Share Tea's Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa is quite different and even if they are also offered in other tea places, they will inform you how to enjoy the drink in fun easy steps.
Share Tea isn't a milk tea place you'd get a particular ring after purchase that lights up when you're drink is done, it's just an ordinary milk tea place you'd line up, pay and wait to share with your friends because of the variety of flavors and ingredients they use. 
Share Tea is fun to share because it's really delicious and healthy. I can't wait to share their Ice Cream Floats soon on my next visit.
For more information:
Share Tea is located beside Figaro at Ace Water Spa Building in Pioneer St. Pasig and Wilson St. Greenhills. Visit for more details and like their Facebook page for more updates and promos.