Happy New Year and Congratulations to Ria Tirazona (www.fatgirlnomore.com)

Happy New Year to you and congratulations Ria Tirazona of (www.fatgirlnomore.com). You just won the one week unli-yoga GC at Beyond Yoga. In as much as I've wanted to give all of you who joined my contest, I was left with no choice but to randomly select Ria whose crusade to share her stories on the internet had been not just but dieting and losing weight. All the other three will also be contacted to attend an event with me this year so that I may also have the opportunity to meet you in person (and maybe share some goodies). This year promises good luck to all of us not because it's another Year of the Dragon (2012) but because we are all bound with hopes to share what we can give to others. I am grateful to all of you who have also inspired me to own the crusade to give. I may not share something so big like the others since I have no intention to post many contests in my blog but I would like to share my appreciation for your efforts to join my contest on Why Should We Go for Anti-Gravity Yoga
I intend to start the year right with all of you - sharing health and wellness with Anti-Gravity and Beyond Yoga! Congratulations and may you also share the good news to all of your friends!
Happy New Year!!!!


  1. thank you thank you thank you :) this is soooo timely because for the new year i stared a yoga blog! i guess random.org and the universe conspired again for me to be able to succeed in this venture :) i am grateful teacher jo!!!


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