Event: TV5's Glamorosa's exciting final 3 weeks shoot and Cast Party

We need drama for entertainment and sometimes in our own lives. My neighbors, friends and family will definitely not sleep early as TV5's Glamorosa will excite the viewers in its last 3 weeks episode (until Feb. 10). It was a memorable party last Friday night at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife attending the final 3 weeks shoot  and cast party of TV5's Glamorosa with veteran and budding stars, Lorna Tolentino, Alice Dixson, Tonton Gutierrez, Zoren Legaspi, Meg Imperial, Ritz Azul, Jenny Miller, Martin Escudero, Victor Silayan and directors Bb. Joyce Bernal and Eric Quizon. It was also the birthday bash of Direk Eric Quizon and Meg Imperial with the staff of the most-anticipated drama participated by family and friends.
Direk and birthday celebrant Eric Quizon would not reveal the ending on who died after we heard shots during the shoot. The party mood was heightened by the Mongolian feast and surprise presence of G. Toengi and brothers Epi and Ronnie. Ms. Lorna Tolentino and Ms. Alice Dixson shared their birthday wishes of good health and more opportunities for Direk Eric. 
I've heard some interviews from fellow entertainment press on Ms. LT and I was surprised that she still follows the advice of the late husband Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez never to get into a relationship with younger men. Her timeless beauty and discipline in acting leave more actress of the younger generation at awe all the time. 
I was fortunate to have an in-depth interview with the teary-eyed birthday girl, Ms. Meg Imperial who shared her experiences with the cast and memorable moments as an actress in TV5. She recalled her acting practice in front of the mirror when she was young and appreciates her opportunities given by TV5. She said that she learned a lot about acting from Ms. Lorna Tolentino (playing Dr. Natalia) and beauty tips from Ms. Alice Dixson (playing Paulina). 
Zoren Legaspi (playing Karl) was also excited about the final 3 weeks episode as Lorna's character will unveil more surprising scenes with Naomi (guest star Ruffa Gutierrez) who decided to sue Paulina (Alice Dixson). The heat of conflict with Paulina's plotting Natalia's downfall will unveil her real daughter Giselle (played by TV5 Princess Ritz Azul) to undergo a dramatic transformation from being disfigured to beauty and confidence. We will probably hate Paulina's plot to use Giselle to ruin Natalia in the finale.
I can't wait to witness what will happen next and how the drama will end so we should not miss Glamorosa every night (after Wil Time Big Time) on TV5
Will Paulina win over Natalia? Although I am more interested with the outfits, make-up and the fabulous styles of the stars, I would still watch how the finale will bring a lasting impression to all the drama fanatics, like my mom.
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