Event: Jaw-dropping to view 3D without the glasses of 3DVizion in the Philippines

The medium is far greater than content now advertising in glasses-free 3D screens of 3D Vizion. Amazing but unbelievably true that it is now possible to view 3D without the glasses. I was lucky to have witnessed the launch of 3D Vizion in the Philippines last Wednesday at the North Forbes Pavilion in Makati. I have always been uncomfortable to use glasses so I never went to 3D theatres for movies and similar sorts of activities. Like all the other women my age, it would be hurting the eyes to have to wear the glasses to enjoy 3D screens. 
"Glasses-free 3D screens leave such a lasting imprint that studies have shown that it is 10 times more effective than regular 2D media", shares Katrina Bantug, President and CEO of 3D Vizion. I have seen 3D screens in Ayala Malls where a spotlight shows a notice to stand on a particular area to avail of the 3D glasses and it does draw crowd from onlookers. Quite exciting because I didn't really think it'd be possible. Then I thought of my far-sighted colleagues and I asked how it affects those with sight problems. According to Ms. Bantug, it will still be attracting viewers and will still be effective at the recommended distance from the screen. 
How is it actually possible? According to Ms. Bantug, 3D Vizion have simply embedded the materials used in 3D glasses in the screen to create the crisp clear images. They use a sheet of transparent cylindrical lenses (or lenticular sheet) fixed on an LCD. The way the lenses are attached to the LCD projects image of the pixels at the focus of each lens creating the different points of view for each eye to create depth perception or 3D images. It's quite technical to go over the process of making it possible but I was really so impressed at what I've seen. I am imagining it best to be used by telco companies to advertise their phones so the consumer can really see the products in vivid crystal clear display. 
The opportunities are endless here now. 3D Vizion is a vision of Filipinos for the Filipinos and by the Filipinos who are keen at purchasing goods and products for their money's worth. Anyone who'd be interested with food will clearly view their cravings on 3D and travel in different areas in crisp clear images. This will definitely ensure another truthfulness to advertising in the Philippines and more importantly benefit the public majority that what they buy is what they have seen. 
I have imagined so many companies using 3D Vizion in their stores and kiosks and wondered if it will be good to have the 3D screens of 3D Vizion in huge billboards in EDSA and asked, is it going to cause more traffic and vehicular accidents? It will definitely cause traffic of onlookers but the Filipino have yet to learn discipline and commitment of acting responsibly for the common good. Just like all the other inventions of the past generations we have all embraced today, it will take time.
Oh but I can't wait to see my favorite restaurant showing 3D screens menu so I'd have a clearer image of what I'd choose to eat. 
Have your goods and products in 3D with 3D Vizion founded by the pillars of technology, Katrina Bantug, Mohan Kulkami, sponsored by Amorita Resort and backed by DEMIKK Holdings, Inc., represented by Ruben Tiu. 3D Vizion is a budding Filipino company set to revolutionize the country's advertising landscape and put us at par with other nations using glasses-free 3D screens as its main platform. 
For more information, please contact Susana Eslava at 695-1111 or visit www.3dvscreens.com for more details and updates.


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