Event: Globe-Powered Tattoo's new Faces of Global Resistance

Globe answered all the problems in speed and internet connectivity with the new faces of global resistance and faster connectivity of up to 7.2mbps of the new Globe-powered Tattoo. I was not disappointed that the "Filipino Flash" Nonito Donaire was abroad at the launch of the new Globe-powered Tattoo last Thursday at Ayala Museum. He may be abroad making our country more proud with his boxing endeavors but Nonito Donaire raises his fist in resisting mediocrity with the tired old broadband we have all been accustomed to.
Aside from my favorite boxer and World Bantamweight Champion, Nonito Donaire are two other newest ambassadors of Globe-powered Tattoo, model marvel Georgina Wilson who is surprisingly a graduate of Finance. Her resistance from being not just one of the most beautiful faces in the country proved that being a Pinay supermodel is not just a pretty face. 
Chicosci's vocalist Miggy Chavez completed the line-up of the newest ambassadors of Globe-powered Tattoo (like Fil-am F3 racer Marlon Stockinger and Maxene Magalona who were present during the event). I was so happy with the photo-ops joining other popular celebrities like Borgy Manotoc and Frank Magalona who attended with Maxene and mom Pia.
Hosted by the most beautiful VJ Sarah Meier, the event also featured artworks resisting limitations in art, fashion, sound and form created by Mich Dulce and her hats, Leeroy New and his colorful art installations, Team Manila and Nina and Danny Zialcita
Globe-powered Tattoo had indeed supercharged. The new Tattoo had become faster with 4G network-making all services bolder and more powerful. Tattoo resists mediocrity with peerless Prepaid offers: Tattoo Sonic at P995 powered by 3G with speed of up to 3.6mbps; Tattoo Flash at P1245 under the 4G umbrella of speed of up to 7.2mbps with 25 days free Facebook usage and now the Tattoo Superstick powered by 4G up to 7.2mbps for only P3895 also with 25 days free Facebook usage.
Their Tattoo Postpaid offers now include the lowest plans at P299 and P499 a month both powered by 4G. Tattoo Bolt that reaches 7.2mbps. Tattoo Magnum at plan P999 has speed of up to 12mbps while Tattoo Superstick at plan P1299 keeps you ahead up to 21mbps both running on 4G. Globe also has exceptional add-ons with the Speed and Volume Boost. Speed Boosts go for up to 12mbps for additional P100/month. Up to 21mbps for P150/month and up to 42mbps for P250/month. Wider bandwith also becomes more accessible with the Volume Boost that starts with an additional 5GB for P200/month; additional 10GB for P300/month and a Surf-All-You Want option for an additional P400/month.
I'm thinking this would best benefit those who want speed especially those grabbing the chance to tweet and join contests and simply the majority who wants to be ahead of everybody. I was convinced with the speed of the new Globe-powered Tattoo on IPAD2 and other smartphones especially after hearing a blogger friend who subscribed to the P1299 postpaid plan. 
I believe this is really the time to RESIST the downtimes, the slow rates and the expensive connections. I was also informed that the new Tattoo sticks uses faster modems so it is really time to trade the old with the new and join the competition for online presence and more opportunities.
I am a Globe subscriber and I certainly resist the limitations on speed so I'm switching tot he new Tattoo. I hope the cause on Filipino productivity will also run on 4G so we'd all be on the same boat to change for the better this year.
Learn more about Tattoo's latest products and services by visiting http://tattoo.globe.com.ph