Event: Amway Philippines Nutrilite's Living in Full Color launch

A perfect event to start the year 2012. Amway Philippines launched Nutrilite's Living in Full Color with Enchong Dee as Nutrilite Brand Ambassador and Weight Loss Challenge last Saturday at Market, Market, Bonifacio Global City. I was able to attend the event with friends and family witnessing the array of colors that featured booths offering various activities for their ColorUrLife campaign.
We were given cards to be stamped at each booth in different colors. First, we had free Achievers Coffee in partnership with Figaro, Wii Fitness Games at the Yellow booth, BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol check at the Red Booth, Purple Trim Down Showdown Booth that served as the registration hub and free photo prinouts at the Green Keepsakes Booth. The White Playhouse in the stage area served as games area to grab the chance to go out on a special date with celebrity swimmer and new Nutrilite Brand Ambassador Enchong Dee.
I was told that 10 out of 20 bloggers will be chosen to win the TrimDown Challenge with free one-year supply of Nutrilite's Carb Blocker and Chrompic Extra so I was guided by Mark Joseph Delgado of www.sleekinthecity.com to have my BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol check. I was not surprised to have weighed 73.3kgs which should just be at 60kgs considering my 5'4 height. My cholesterol level was also a few numbers beyond normal and my body age was said to be 56 after the doctor consultation at the end of the check. I need to lose 2 lbs a week at least and it gave me inspiration to seriously go back on my diet and stop indulging on snacks and more rice this year.
I knew I qualified to the challenge because of those extra kilos and cholesterol levels increase but I was in a hurry to leave early because of church. Before I left, I was able to witness the high-energy Zumba dance workout, Veggie -Fruit Sumo game and Kyla performing on stage. It was a fun event with different activities to remind you of how important it is to have all colors in your plate to achieve nutrition and fitness. I have subscribed to Nutrilite's Carb Blocker to regulate my carb intake and since it promises to block up to 500 calories, I know it's going to help me continue my plan for weight management. Amway also has Chrompic Extra which is more of their slimming pill to lose more weight. The event reminded me to revive my discipline in food and it made me feel more responsible to watch what I eat. Thank you to Amway Philippines and Nutrilite for making me realize how important it is to have all the colors of vegetables and fruits everyday and for motivating me to go healthy this year!
For more information on Amway Philippines and Nutrilite, please visit www.amway.com.ph, www.colorurlife.com.ph and like them in Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/NutriliteCOLORurLIFE