AXE 2012 surprise!

Axe never fail to surprise me. I have always bought Axe because my son prefers to wear it among all body sprays. Last December, when we were asked to post things we would love to do before we die, I posted so many things tha made me realize the simple things I have completely forgotten all these years. I have also forgotten how my son had been consistent on his preferences through the years from soaps to use,clothes and scents to wear. I have not even asked him why he preferred those things and have not reflected that it can actually send a message to me as her mother. My son had really grown up now and I have probably despised the thought because I wanted him to be my son forever. My heart spoke of fear and reluctance because I stuck firm to the thought that he will continually be the baby who will always be close to me, his Nanay. It was difficult to accept but I folded anyway realizing those rejections over my invitations when he started to choose his friends over me on weekends, his coming home late at night, and his talkbacks which surprises me everytime. He is still gentle and respectful but he had gained his own voice. Just like the scent he adores, he had gained a new personality. Eventually, like all mothers, I had to give in to all his wishes. Like all mothers in the world, we learn to submit to the wishes of our children. I went home eventually buying the new Axe 2012.
AXE 2012 is now available at all leading groceries and department stores nationwide.