Suffering and Creativity: My 2012 New Year's Resolution is with TED

"Everybody has an interest in education"-Sir Ken Robinson for TED 2006. What better way to reflect on New Year's Resolution but to reflect on education. It isn't that the speaker walked like I do nor the fact that I am a teacher and I'm eternally depressed on how many Filipinos have continually been indifferent to what they should have been addressing. While the majority are trying to endure the chaos with their families this Christmas and the internet world is busy with what gossip next to glorify, I chose to watch and learn from TED. In the video, Sir Ken Robinson said about creativity being so important as literacy and we should treat it as the same status. He said that schools kill creativity and this is what I had in mind for a whole week of "me time" of blogging hiatus. Why are schools killing creativity? We are given a simple concept and the DepEd tries to introduce them to schools. The Divisions create a structure, a curricula and a method that totally destroys the whole purpose of the concept. Take for example the K-12 which is designed as Understanding By Design (UBD) now implemented in schools. DepEd introduced the need for change and the Divisions interpret the K-12 as a training program veering away the chances for the teachers and the students to be creative. From the pre-K-12 scenario of teachers imposing on drills and textbooks to the present, what had changed? None I believe that is truly remarkable but a new name to call a curriculum we have all been following for years. The skeptics have remained skeptical and the teachers who have taught for salary and not for commitment have remained greedy and corrupt. I have even heard the teachers who attended the UBD seminar given instructions never to modify or interpret individually the given syllabus and lesson plans. What happens to the learners? The students which should've been the core concept of creating creativity have been left chained in information that's so obsolete. The students creative ideas are kept jailed until they get out of school. What does this have to do with my New Year's Resolution? The change expected of a New Year's resolution is congruent to that of the speech given by Sir Ken Robinson. "If a man speaks his mind in the forest, is he still wrong?"- This I believe moved me to believe that I want to make my New Year's resolution different this year. I want to believe that a trivial movement, a sudden simple action and a simple decision may change the world. This might be a shoot to the star but I believe that it will still create a ripple. My New Year's Resolution is with TED. I will start to be conscious of those trivial moments and reflect whether I really need to address it. I am a catholic and I don't think the Bible ever mentioned believers should buy firecrackers. Although I'm a Filipino, this is one of the culture I will never assimilate with my family. This also applies to buying "lucky" fruits and other things many people have imbibed as part of the celebrations. I will share more ideas with my students and allow them to creatively express how it can benefit their lives and enrich their future. I will move to plan and act on it for 2012 so that I may be guided accordingly. 
My great lifelong fascination is to be continually creative so I'd subscribe for more of TED and I'd hope that the Filipinos will also organize substantial and worth spreading TED in the Philippines. My favorite author, Elizabeth Gilbert also shared her TED and nurturing creativity. Allow ourselves not to suffer, nurture creativity. Teach love and creativity and see how it pays forward.
Discover what's peculiar. Let's spread more ideas that's worth reflecting with TED. What is your favorite TED video?


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  2. Thank you for your comment and Happy New Year to you too! Stay Juanderful as you are!


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