Stop raping our mines in the Philippines, Please!

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Why do we have to let another typhoon or another disaster to remind us all of our indifference to our natural resources? Isn't more than a thousand death from Typhoon Sendong enough to clang the doors of your consciousness that we have been so abusive of our natural resources? I have learned a lot more about the Save Palawan Movement last Tuesday at Rockwell Club. I have read about the cause and have posted the campaign in our school paper this year (LHS Courier) hoping that fellow educators and students be enlightened about the effects of mining in Palawan.
No reported rehabilitated mining spots after excavation.
When a particular area in any province is given mining permit, what happens? First, we must all be aware that they have to cut trees and destroy the land to excavate the minerals they need for mining. Worse, they have to use hazardous chemicals to allow them to dig and get those minerals they need (Nickel, etc) and those chemicals go where else but our water systems and residential communities. The presentation above reported by the Save Palawan Movement should give you a clear evidence on how it directly affects our children. What particular chemicals? The toxic chemicals that kill living organisms include sulfuric acid and/or cyanide to extract the metals they profit from. These metals/minerals normally found in these areas associated with laterite soil are highly toxic to living organisms such as nickel, aluminum, cobalt, chromium, manganese, copper, cadmium and zinc. Laterite is a residual ore deposit resulting from the weathering of rocks and soil. When a particular spot is a mine, where do these laterite soil go but the water systems and the agricultural and residential areas beside it.
Justice to those who cannot afford it. 
When children die or a particular community complains about a particular mine, have we heard reported of class suits that ever given justice? This is clearly a battle even the rich cannot afford because when the damage is done, the offender is usually never prosecuted. Why? The mining industries are mostly foreigners and we have no hand to search for the root cause but the local government. The government officials responsible for signing permits usually wash hands and always get away with it. I have personally wondered why the El Nido town in Palawan have not adopted the livelihood and rehabilitation projects of ABS-CBN Foundation in Puerto Princesa. I will not wonder one day that the wonderful areas in El Nido would soon wither and disappear because of the indifference and negligence of the majority. The Save Palawan Movement is not just in Palawan because mining is not just in Palawan. What's worse to realize is that most areas in the Philippines are mining areas. The arguments for mining have proven nothing but casualties and deaths. 
What we can all do to save our country. 
Philippines is the fifth most mineralized country in the world and this is the reason why we have been the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow search. The amount value cited by NEDA Director General Romulo Neri in 2004 is P47 trillion to the Supreme Court and we have long seen the evidence of Philippines as the "potential mining wealth" in travel channels. We have a lot to lose if we keep being indifferent and I am hoping we do not wait for another calamity to strike to be reminded. 
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