Event: Levi's Fashion Show for Project Headshot Clinic Commit

"Our enemy is not AIDS, it's the lack of awareness"-Boy Abunda. I was teary-eyed at Boy Abunda sharing his thoughts and opinions about the lack of awarenes that multiplies the numbers of HIV infected Filipinos in the Philippines since 1984 during the Levi's Fashion Show last Monday at The Gallery of Greenbelt 5 Makati. Produced by the Graduate Studies of De La Salle University-Manila Masters in Marketing Communications and hosted by VJ Sonja Smith, the event featured the display of celebrities supporting the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign of Niccolo Cosme's Project Headshot Clinic.
Participants were given a chance to share their support for the HIV/AIDS awareness through videos and Project Headshot Clinic's Commit Wall before the fashion show. Present during the event were DJ Mojo Jojo of 89.9, Diana Menezes and other celebrity guests who had their profile photos taken by Niccolo Cosme
The fashion show featured new designs of shirts and jeans of Levi's Philippines with models wearing The Red Whistle, the newest campaign of Project Headshot Clinic and Take The Test Project to increase awareness on the said campaign. 
After the dazzle of models strutting on stage with Levi's Philippines' newest apparel of jeans and shirts came the signature black straps of models without shirts. The crowd whistled their own Red Whistle gazing at the bold fashion statements showing Project Headshot Clinic's new campaign Commit for 2011.
The fashion show concluded with the models holding placards of Project Headshot Clinic's campaigns and messages for HIV/AIDS awareness in the Philippines. Mr. Niccolo Cosme of Project Headshot Clinic and Lighthouse Studio expressed his gratitude to the sponsors who have made the event possible and their commitment to the campaign about HIV/AIDS. I was humbled at his efforts because I have not seen such an advocate who'd work from pens and paper to the larger task of marketing the campaign to each person he meets. Mr. Niccolo Cosme is truly one saint alive for caring to those majority indifferent of the statistics and the facts. I would love to learn from his patience and commitment to genuinely devoting his time and heart to the advocacy of HIV/AIDS awareness in the Philippines. From Project Headshot Clinic's Aware, Move, Act is the new campaign COMMIT calling on all Filipinos to attend and address the need for #zeroHIVph. It is time to realize that we are all the cure and we can really remove HIV/AIDS Philippines and we just need to COMMIT to the advocacy. If it was 6 Filipinos infected with HIV/AIDS everyday last year, this year it's 8. Do we have to let the numbers increase? I would like to even call the legislators to fully enforce all Filipinos to Take The Test because we have laws protecting our privacy and we do not need to fear the results. It's truly education that will save this country and it's education that will eradicate the HIV/AIDS. 
The number 5, 742  HIV/AIDS infected Filipinos grew to 7,684 (September 2011) in just five years. The exponential growth is because of the majority's INDIFFERENCE. Please be Aware, learn to Move, Act responsibly and Commit to HIV/AIDS prevention now.
Levi's Philippines Fashion Show for Project Headshot Clinic Commit was sponsored by Canon EOS Digital, Starworld Philippines, Channel V Philippines, The Red Whistle campaign, Lighthouse Studio, Tequila, Yellow Cab, Garnier Philippines, Ralph's Wines and Spirits, Karatula, Domestic Guesthouse Budget Hotel, 4.0 Play Productions, UNDP AIDS and Levi's.