Event: Enter the magical Wonka Imaginarium

Go to Shangrila Mall and enter the magical world of Wonka Imaginarium. It was a world that  made me love magic and be a child again last Thursday when Wonka, in partnership with Candy Corner opened the Wonka Imaginarium. I've always loved the Nerds and it always makes me imagine many characters and role-play everytime I give them as prizes for my students in class. It's also the same candy that brought to life the movie, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" on getting the "magic ticket".
It started with a walk into a magical forest with giant bugs and talking trees followed by a tunnel of lost wishes and forgotten dreams. It reminded me of Narnia and the dresser that leads to another world. It was really exciting and it gave me enough sugar to be enthusiastic to the next world. The next room was a fly and fall from the sky where the stars shone with a magical ball that sparkled the room. Outside the room was a witch that taught us all how to find a rainbow and make a wish. The right chant queued the signal that we were able to bring the rainbow back and we were all granted a wish.
The last part of the tour was a wish we were all granted to post at the rainbow. It was a dream come true getting all those Nerds and LaffyTaffy at the end. 
Mr. Ricky Andres, President of Candy Corner Philippines said that the Wonka Imaginarium is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It became more appealing to the kids because of the names of the candies and the concept of the Wonka Imaginarium giving the children the chance to participate and help solve puzzles in the tour just like the movie of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its two movie adaptations. It's definitely Wonka's distinct packaging and colorful taste that made the Filipinos love the brand.
Who wouldn't want to get a Golden Ticket? The first outlet in the Philippines combining the traditional packaged and novelty sweets with the concept of having customers choose and create their own selections of treats at Candy Corner in 1996 made us all want to be a child every time. Through these years, they have consistently given us treats to discover and smile to perk a rough day everyday. 
I felt like a child again visiting the Wonka Imaginarium and I would always love to share the magical experience to everyone who believes that dreams still do come true. 
Hurry and visit the Wonka Imaginarium today as it is only holding the exhibit until tomorrow at Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong
For more information, visit www.candycorner.ph