Celebrate the Yuletide Season with Bakersville Hand-Made Bagels

We love everything new and although bagels in the Philippines had been available for years, it is still something new to share the great news about this delightful staple from the Big Apple. I was given a few packs of Bakersville Hand-Made Bagels and I was surprised at the consistency and the quality of the bread considering its size and its ingredients.
Created by the photographer turned Chef Marco Abesamis who specializes in Artisan/Specialty bread and pastries known in different countries worldwide, Bakersville Hand-Made Bagels come in NY variants - Plain, Savory Onion, Roasted Garlic,  and Whole Wheat. I was able to try some of the Roasted Garlic with Sesame Seeds (P120/3pcs) which I really enjoyed with sour cream cheese. Their plain New York  Hand-Made Bagel with Sesame Seeds (P100/3pcs) was also good with my son's favorite Nutella spread. I preferred having them plain with coffee last night but I also discovered how these can be great as sandwiched with scrambled eggs and SPAM. 
I was confident to put every filling I wanted because Bakersville's bagels are made healthier compared to other breads. They are using honey instead of sugar avoiding the high-cholesterol ingredients egg and milk for the weight-watchers and health-conscious foodies. 
What's more interesting is Bakersville's Cinnamon Raisin bagels (P130) and their Oatmeal bread (P100) because of you'd really enjoy the taste of the cinnamon and the oatmeal on the bread. I tried having them without spread and butter and I was happy at the chewiness and sweetness it brings after each bite. I was told also that like any other bread, proper storage and reheating is required in order to maintain its freshness and original texture. Microwave ovens are not suggested as it tend to dry up the bread. Oven toasters are best and encouraged so I've just put them on top of a skillet as it did not fit my toaster. 
I love bread and it was exciting to realize that Bakersville's Hand-Made Bagels and Oatmeal Bread were just some of what they have in store at Mercato Centrale. They will also launch some of other specialty breads and pastries soon and I can't wait to try them all. 

Try a NY Hand-Made Bagel or an Oatmeal bread this Christmas made by Filipino world-class Chef Marco Abesamis at Bakersville's Boulangerie and Patisserie
For more information, you may call/ text Bakersville at Mobile landline # 5770527 or Mobile # 0917-8156575. You may also visit them at Mercato Centrale at The Fort every Sat and Sun, 7am-2pm.   For orders or delivery inquiries, call them at 5770527 or text 0917-8156575.