Event: Won't Last A Day Without You's Grand Presscon

Sarah Geronimo is more beautiful now. Everyone noticed the new Sarah yesterday at Star Cinema and Viva Films' new Sarah-Gerald movie, "Won't Last A Day Without You" Grand Presscon at the Dolphy Theater of ABS-CBN.
She really looked radiant and stunning answering the questions about past relationships which in between constantly giving disclaimers of "promo-promo" about her new movie with Gerald Anderson. It's really a big challenge to topple the charts they both broke with the former smash-hit, "Catch Me I'm In Love" (grossed 130M last March). Although they are not an "item" in real life, the press continued to notice the closeness the two have grown confirmed by Gerald who mentioned how they both share personal stories in between takes.
I was lucky seated at their back before the presscon and I've also noticed how Sarah and Gerald had become close friends because of this movie. Directed by Raz Dela Torre featuring the special participation of Joey De Leon and John "Sweet" Lapus, "Won't Last A Day Without You" is a story of a deejay on the radio who's broken-hearted and "bitter" giving advice to lovesick listeners on the radio. Gerald plays Andrew, an easy-go-lucky playboy who will be the "love victim" to be rescued by Sarah when the girlfriend of Gerald broadcast nationwide his insensitivity to their relationship. First, they get into a verbal clash and realize that they are falling for each other, setting love not just "on the air" but in the air around them.
With the fad of more people listening to love problems on the radio because of Papa Jack, the story of "Won't Last A Day Without You" is one story to really watch.  Creative Producer Carmi Raymundo from the blockbusters "My Amnesia Girl", "You Changed My Life" and "A Very Special Love" says that "Won't Last A Day Without You" took the lead stars in different turns. Sarah who used to play the innocent no-boyfriend-since-birth characters in the past movies, plays a character of a broken-hearted and skeptic while Gerald who used to play the good boy image plays a womanizer in this movie.
What's interesting about movies made by Carmi Raymundo and Star Cinema is the story and the characters. They contribute to making the Filipino really make an effort to go to the movie theaters even at screening dates against the Hollywood giants. It wouldn't be surprising to realize the Filipinos will patronize Star Cinema and Viva Films' "Won't Last A Day Without You" because the story is one relaxing and entertaining way to escape from our own realities. I also want to watch this movie because I want to feel the "kilig" moments again. For a person who's in love and already lovelorn, I'd recommend how Gerald is not "Budoy" in this movie with Sarah. 
Don't miss watching "Won't Last A Day Without You" starting November 30, 2011 in over 100 theaters nationwide!


  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Wow thank you for this wonderful article : ) Rest assured that whenever we make movies, story and characters are the most important elements. Thank you for your support! - Carmi Raymundo

  2. Wow Mam Carmi Salamat po ng marami! See you soon po!


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