Event: Support Project Headshot Clinic - COMMIT, watch PULSES play on Nov. 30, 2011!

Education is still the best way to prevent AIDS. From 6 to now 8 people of dying everyday because of HIV-AIDS in the Philippines, the numbers are constantly growing due to lack of awareness. I've attended Project Headshot Clinic's new campaign COMMIT at Victoria Court, Malate today .
Since November last year of Project Headshot Clinic's ACT campaign, I have participated in COMMIT realizing how the numbers grew from 5,742 to 7,684 number of HIV cases in the Philippines. September 2011 alone recorded 253 cases because of not taking the test and lack of awareness about how important it is to take the HIV test. We should really COMMIT to the project. 
There is really nothing to fear when all HIV tests are done discreetly and only the person to take the test and the doctor would know if you're safe or not. What is most important to realize is the WINDOW PERIOD. That if you have taken the test, it will NEVER GUARANTEE that you're safe because the virus may have hidden dormant in your blood within 3 months from your last sexual contact. So NOBODY is really safe. 
Even mothers and children are at risk with HIV-AIDS so please ponder how we'd all be safe through Take The Test Project's ABCDE's of prevention:
1. A- Abstinence. Do not have sex at all. It isn't like a chore you need to fulfill in your relationship so do not dare to have sex if you will both not faithfully commit to monogamy.
2. B- Be mutually faithful to your partner. This is a practice most common ignored by couples and it is the very reason why HIV and AIDS is fast spreading all over the country. If your partner may have kept the secret of infidelity, that's where the risk becomes really so dangerous.
3. C- Correct Use of Condoms. It may be funny but many Filipinos have not been educated on how to properly use condoms. Do not ever allow the penis to get softer inside you as it may defeat the purpose of the condom and DO CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATES because some condoms may have been torn because it's expired. Do learn how condoms are used and do put them on only when the penis is erected otherwise, it definitely defeats its purpose.
4. D - Do not share needles and other things that may risk you of having HIV-AIDS. When visiting a doctor or getting confined at the hospital, do check if needles they'll use to you is exclusively for your consumption. This happens in some small communities and barangays. Sometimes, your blood donation at an event may risk you of getting HIV-AIDS so please be careful with your practices.
5. E-Educate yourself with Take the Test Project. It's still the most ignored yet the most effective way to prevent HIV-AIDS. It's the learning from the Take the Test Project that will save you from getting the virus. This is the very reason why Project Headshot Clinic take photos and promote the viral campaign by posting a distinct profile photo in Facebook. We want you to Take The Test and we want you all to Commit. If you don't have the time to join the photo campaign, at least join the advocacy by becoming an official Take The Test Educator. Do check the Take The Test Project, The Red Whistle, Project Headshot Clinic Facebook Page for details. Training starts Dec. 4, 2011. 
But now, what we can all do to support this advocacy is watch this PULSES play on November 30, 2011. Proceeds of the play will go to Take The Test Project so they can give free HIV tests to all our fellow Filipinos and improve their campaign efforts against HIV-AIDS.
For more information, visit www.headshotclinic.com and please call or text Adrian at 09178125711 on ticket and sponsorships, Like the Facebook Pages of Take The Test Project, The Red Whistle and Project Headshot Clinic. Dare to Take The Test and be safe always.