Event: Nature Republic opens in Manila!

Who would not want to have supple skin like Jang Keun Suk?  I was privileged to cover the opening of Nature Republic in SM Fairview yesterday. Born and bred in Korea, Nature Republic is a new cosmetic brand utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities and processes combined with the most natural ingredients gathered from all over the world to produce world-class, superior quality products distinctly and exclusively its own.
True to its name, Nature Republic uses some of its precious ingredients as stated in their tagline, from earth; medicinal plants and healing flowers, seawater from around the world, used as prescriptions from ancient times based on natural concepts and as mother nature intended, processed and formulated through modern technology. I'm so excited to try the Aloe Vera line of skin care and those packs that uses seawater from different parts of the world. They're also using ingredients such as: Blue Lagoon water from Polynesia; Glacial Water from the Alps; Deep Sea Water from Greenland; Ocean Area Pine Tree from France; Hawaiian Hibiscus; Madagascar Butdelria; Morocco Monoi; gold Caviar; North American Kawai; and other similarly exotic and efficacious extracts and substances.
For most mom shoppers like me whose concern is more on cosmetics than skin care regimen, you'd get so excited at the prices, awesome designs and labels of each product at Nature Republic
At Nature Republic it was hard to control my shopping binge desires because of their dainty containers and packaging designs. It's one of those moments you'd lose control over your budget again because they're so pretty to resist.  
I'm also very particular with the shades of lipsticks and it was a treasure found that I didn't hesitate buying. It was a perfect shade of pink and orange I was looking for a long time -Bloom Kiss Lipstick at P295
Another interesting find for me is this magic-lipstick type Vivid Bar Lip Tint which color magically changes. I've tried it on and bought a shade and it was surprisingly moisturizing my lips. The color is subtle and it felt light and natural on my lips so I was so happy to have purchased one for only P220!
I found it also interesting to notice 4D Blushing Powder on the racks with 4 multi-colors that blends the way you want it. Another fashion blogger told me, it also changes color depending on the light reflection and it would be interesting to use for photoshoot.
The teens will definitely love this Nature Tint which is star-shaped lip balm that moisturizes the lips. It's so cute like those famous celebrity endorsers of Nature Republic, Kara. The face of Jang Keun Suk, Korea's top celebrity endorser is found at most products and posters of Nature Republic which will give you more reasons to shop. 
For a limited supply, they'd give you free BB Cream and Facial Wash at P500 minimum purchase with more freebies like, the masks and toner, Facial Wash, Snail Therapy lotion and other exciting stuff. They'd also give you free Membership Card at a minimum purchase of P1K so it's really great to shop at Nature Republic this week. Nature Republic simultaneously opened at the Ground Level, Main Building of SM Fairview and SM North EDSA, The Block yesterday with all those freebies. They'd open ten more branches by next year so don't miss shopping like the Koreans with all those freebies and surprises. 
What sets Nature Republic apart from the rest I believe is the price and the designs. They are really cheaper and more affordable for us Filipinos and their designs will definitely lure you to shop for more. It's one of the happiest cosmetic and skin care places I've been because everyone who enters the shop comes out smiling and happy. Don't miss Nature Republic's most popular products like Aloe Vera Gel, Snail Therapy, BB Creme, Blemish Lab Line and Ye-seol Whitening Line, processed and manufactured using the most natural ingredients from different parts of the globe and the latest beauty and cosmetic products technology.
I was really so happy with what I bought at Nature Republic and I intend to buy more especially those blushing powder and liquid foundation next week.  

I also love Jang Keun Suk like my students but it's really the lipstick that brings magic. It feels good looking good with my new Nature Republic Vivid Bar Lip tint
Oh, and don't miss those freebies this week too so start shopping now at Nature Republic!
For more information on Nature Republic, visit their branches in Festival Mall, Alabang, SM Fairview and SM North EDSA The Block and like their Facebook Page also for more updates and promos.