Event: Hawaii North Shore opens in UP-Ayala Technohub!

The taste justifies the name. I was totally wiped out with Hawaii North Shore's Wipe-Out Burger at  OpenRice's Eat's a Date at Hawaii North Shore at UP-Ayala Technohub last Friday with fellow foodies.
When I checked the menu, I thought they are just one ordinary restaurant that served burgers, wings and steaks but I was surprised when the food was served.
It was the owner's experiences living in Hawaii North Shore filled with a huge selection of restaurants and dining experiences that brought the name and it was another revelation after realizing they were the same family who brought us the famous Red Kimono.
I was excited already after they started serving the appetizers: Caesar Salad (P105), Chef's Salad (P115)  and their wonderful  Full on Fish and Chips (P145).
The servings were huge and what's surprisingly different is that they serve their fries fresh from the kitchen - not reheated and not frozen. The slices were bigger than the usual fries with the skin on drizzled with the right amount of salt. The fish looked like squid because of the way it looked but it was also fresh cream dory slices to dip in mayo and tomato ketchup that'll really remind you of the famous British staple.
Then they started serving the burgers, Crippler Chicken (P145), Fish Fillet Burger (P145) and the totally unforgettable Wipe-Out Burger (P145). 
I was really expecting that it would just be another burger and I was surprised to have really been totally Wiped-Out.
Before the main entree arrived, we were served their North Shore Rice (P45), a bit spiced but not too salty and best to go with their house steaks.
Snapback Porkchops (P165) - grilled porkchops served with North Shore Rice and salsa. It looked sweet but it wasn't the ordinary glazed porkchops you'd try because the honey bourbon marinate seemed light.
The steaks served at Hawaii North Shore, U.S. Rib Eye (P450), U.S.Sirloin Steak (P295) and New York Strip Steak (P375) seemed simple until you've tried them with their Home-Made Sauce and Spicy Peppercorn Sauce.
It was their Spicy Peppercorn Sauce that created the oohs and ahhs of the OpenRicers and it wasn't easy to let go because of the kick. The fresh peppercorn exploded in my mouth with the right amount of saltiness and sweetness that made me enjoy their steaks. Now I've realized that if the steak's texture does not satisfy you, it can actually be the sauce that'll make you smile the whole night.
The sweet ending was a cup of Hawaii North Shore's Apple Cinnamon Sundae and Nutty Chocolate Sundae (P56) which is made of soft-serve vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits and chocolate syrup to complete the meal.
I really loved the gentle sweetness of their Apple Cinnamon Sundae and I was totally wiped out at their burgers and steak sauces. The ambiance of the restaurant will make you plan your beach holidays and your gatherings because of their surf board designs and waiters wearing leis. I know I'd definitely go back to try their Spam Musubi and more of those Wipe-Out Burger and Spicy Peppercorn Sauce with their steaks.
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For more information:
Hawaii North Shore is located at the UP Ayala Technohub. Call 25866316 for reservations and inquiries and like their Facebook Page (Hawaii's North Shore) for more updates and promos.