Event: Authentic Real Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich at The Cheese Steak Shop now in Manila

It's a big deal to get the real thing. The Real Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich is now in Manila! I was fortunate to have joined the food bloggers last Monday at the opening of The Cheese Steak Shop in Makati along Pasay Road (Arnaiz Ave). 
Mr. Steven Oakes, the Franchise Manager of The Cheese Steak Shop flew in from the US to introduce us all to the ingredients of what makes a great Philly cheese steak. He told us all how The Cheese Steak Shop in the US started in 1982 in San Francisco and how it gained patronage across the states.
I love sandwiches and I've tried cheese steaks from other restaurants but what makes The Cheese Steak Shop's sandwiches really different is their Amoroso bread rolls and the authentic fresh ingredients. Mr. Oakes told us along with the Filipino franchise owner that all ingredients they use are all imported and that a purchase of a cheese steak sandwich in Manila would definitely be the exact cheese steak sandwich they'd be serving in the States. It's the ingredients and they mean it. They use quality meats, cheeses and vegetables imported from the main branches in the US and you can really tell the difference.
They sell Classic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches (steak or chicken using 100% beef loin, sliced thin and chopped on the grill, chicken is 100% breast meat with grilled onions and hot and/or sweet peppers)   in 7'-P280, 10'-P399 and 15'-P720, King Philly (10' Classic Cheese Steak with 50% more meat and cheese)-P699, Premium Cheese Steaks; Bacon, Mushroom, De Luxe, Pepperoni, Spinach and Western in 7'-P320, 10'-P520 and 15'-P850, Specialty Sandwiches; Original Vegetarian Sandwich and Zesty Veggie Sandwich in 7'-P255, 10'-P375 and 15'-P660, Italian Hoagie (patrons call "Banquet in a Bun" because of its huge size and lots of fillings) in 7'-P515, 10'-P875 and 15'-P1,290. 
They also serve salads; Philly (P425), Italian (P635), Garden (P250) and Side Salad (P150) served with a choice of dressings (Ranch, Honey Mustard or Italian) to match a perfect cheese steak sandwich meal. Quite Filipino to see value meals if the cheese steak sandwiches are too heavy (Soda and Fries -choice of steak, garlic or twister at P110/regular and P150large.

The Cheese Steak Shop in Makati also has an interactive menu with games quite addicting like their sandwiches. It prompts of choices to better cater to your preferences on the sandwiches and other items in the menu. 
I've also found some interesting items that may be unfamiliar to us Pinoys like this Chimay beer and other beverages imported from the US.
We also had the privilege of trying some of this delectable TastyKakes which is famous at The Cheese Steak Shop in California. Too bad though that these TastyKakes won't be available for purchase.
The great news is that their Amoroso bread rolls can be bought upon request of the customers. A lot of Manny Pacquiao memorabilia decors on the wall with a neon sign: Caution: Maybe Habit Forming and it speaks of what truly you'd experience at The Cheese Steak Shop.
I have no doubt that The Cheese Steak Shop will soon be swarmed by Pinoy foodies all over the country because we always love to try something new. Food unites the Filipino and we love the culture of assimilating foreign concepts and ideas to our own. 
The Filipino will definitely love the "real Philly" and it will be loved by all like how we have accommodated other international staples. Experience the authentic real Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich only at The Cheese Steak Shop located at the GF of E-Hotel Makati, 906A Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road). It's actually located at the back of The Residences in Makati. Call 632 555 0235 AND +632 555 1818 or visit www.cheesesteakshop.com.ph. Like their Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/TheCheeseSteakShopManila) for more updates and promos.