Beware of fake Proactiv Solution products!

You should read this, really. I was so scared seeing so many fake Proactiv Solution products in some stalls last week and I wonder how the government is doing nothing about it. I asked the price of the kit and I was surprised to discover that it was ten times cheaper than the original. The black market especially those selling items in tiangge and other flea bazaars may pose risk to our skin.
What other risks?
1. Fake Proactiv products do not have any documentation to support the product and since they have no License to Import issued by the Bureau of Customs, it does not have the FDA Certificate of Product Registration to ensure safety and guarantee.

2. Harmful ingredients these fake Proactiv products may cause adverse reactions from simple irritation to life-threatening effects. "Nakamura ka ba kung mas mahal na gastos sa ospital ang kapalit?" Fake cosmetics might contain banned ingredients that can cause a multitude of diseases.
3. Smuggled products like some of those distributed in the black market never paid duties that should've helped the government for the protection of customers. Should we really tolerate such illegal activities?4. Smuggled products not registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration do not have the protection the customers need for support after purchase. There will be no one to blame but you buying these fake if some damages to happen in your skin.

5. Unauthorized distributors do not have any FDA permits do not come with warranties that can attest its authenticity. Please learn that more often those sold cheap also have cheap qualities so be very careful in examining the product.

6. Fly-by-night vendors who sell fakes or smuggled goods get their business across and after a payment is made, they disappear on thin air with virtually zero post-sales customer support. You have no one to talk to and you actually end up regretting being ripped-off.
The real Proactiv Solutions give you a money back guarantee if you have purchased by Top American Product Solutions, Inc., through the following sales channels: all Watsons stores, SM Department Stores, Proactiv Mall Kiosks located at Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, Trinoma, Marquee Mall, Alphaland Southgate Mall and Eastwood Mall. You may also purchase the original Proactiv Solutions online thru
Only Top American Product Solutions Inc., has exclusive distribution rights issued by Guthy-Renker LLC, Proactiv's manufacturer based in the United States. 
Would you still risk your face to fake Proactiv Solution products? Sellers of Proactiv Solutions including the kits and other line extension items such as Green Tea Moisturizer, Oil Free Moisture, Deep Cleansing Wash, Sheer Finish line among others that are not included in the list above are not authorized distributors and do not have any affiliation with Guthy-Renker.

We always love the best buys but a real wise person does not risk fake products especially for the skin. So when you come across a very cheap supplier of any Proactiv Solution products, do not be easily attracted by the lower price if it will only make you spend so much money in the hospital. When you encounter a vendor online selling your favorite cosmetic at half the market-price, be very careful as the vendor might be selling fake products.

I've always taken the more expensive brands when it comes to skin products because I wouldn't want to end up like those colleagues of mine who spent so much money on doctors repairing what cheap skin products had done to their lives. The internet allowed everyone to transact any businesses online but do not allow yourselves to be confused between legitimate sources and illegal sources when it comes to skin care products. Your face and your skin is your only crown you use to face the world. 

Trust the brand that gave you the real skin care solutions. I trust Proactiv just like Justin Bieber. For more information, please visit