Ten Things I want to do before the world ends on Oct. 21

If the world is really going to end, I am participating the campaign from the prediction of Harold Camping posted by OrangeMagazine.TV. Although my friends have known these and some of the things listed here may not be accomplished, consider that they are just things I am seriously hoping to do if the world is coming to an end on October 21, 2011.
1. Hug my mom and tell her how much I really love her.We've not seen each other in 11 years since she flew to Las Vegas
2. Kiss my son and tell him I love him so much. Although I do this more than once a day, I would never want to miss doing it before the world ends.
3. Have some more of that tinumis and that Camuti with Gatas Damulag from Pampanga. I love exotic foods and I truly appreciate Tinumis. I would have more lists of food but these are just what popped my head at the moment of writing this list.
4. Curse my ex. Although I know it's useless to vent because it's been years, I may be able to face the end of the world with a peaceful mind knowing I was able to unleash all those anxieties I've kept for years.
5. Bungee Jump. I will never be allowed because of my metal implant but my friends know that this is what I've been wanting to do if it's my last wish on earth.
6. Date Teddy Boy Locsin. I've met him already and told him I love him but a dinner date with talks about what I don't know about him may actually complete my life because he's my greatest crush.
7. Drive. I know I can and my friend is pushing me to buy a car but I'm still scared not just of the expenses but the fact that if I do, I'd just be using my right leg to do it.
8. Lipo-Suction. I am afraid do get more surgeries and more needles after my metal implant so this may be too difficult to accomplish but I still hope anyways.
9. Sign Language. If I can only have time to learn sign language to communicate my thoughts and teach the special children in our school, that'd complete my bucket list.
10. Speak Karay-a. This has been my ambition and it used to be Ilonggo I wanted to learn and being able to do that will definitely satisfy my curiosity of the language I've been fascinated for years now. 
There. Those are the things I would want to accomplish before the world ends on October 21 and if it won't happen, I'd still be pursuing some except number 5 and number 8 which will just be a silly definitely difficult to accomplish bucket list.
Whew, what's your bucket list?