Personalize your Wines and Wishes this Christmas!

This may just be the perfect gift before and after Christmas - a personalized wine with Wines and Wishes personalized wine bottle labels from ADP Industries. You can actually choose from an extensive library of designs and messages or create your own. Put a logo if it is a company gift or put a photo for a really personal touch. 
Each label will be designed to fit the wine bottle of your choice and to seamlessly blend with the original label. The personalized labels are waterproof and come free for a minimum order of 30 bottles. You can select from a variety of designs for specific occasions and sentiments - Christmas and New Year, birthdays, christening, anniversaries, homecomings, weddings, bon voyage, thank you, welcome, best wishes,good luck and more. ADP Industries has forged strong relationships with some of the world's best wine producers notably  René Barbier and Freixenet from Spain and Yvon Mau from France. These wineries produce the finest Merlot  cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, cava, rosé and more.

ADP Industries represent companies and brands that are leaders in their categories and countries of origin like Spain’s Freixenet SA, Galo Pasta and Cidacos, France’s Societe Bic and  Yvon Mau Wines, Turkey’s Taris Zeytin, USA’s Sweet ‘N Low, Austria’s Pez, Germany’s Haribo Chewy Candies, South Korea’s Orion, Japan’s Kamaya, Netherland’s Droste BV, Colombia’s Noel, Indonesia’s Asia Pulp and Paper and Agel Langgeng.
Get ready with your personalized messages and logo now and order these personalized wine bottles with Wine and Wishes from ADP Industries. I would surely want to get one for the holidays.

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