I want to be the Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger!

Mole Crickets
Adobong Balut (boiled, fertilized egg)
I stop at nothing when it comes to food. I can't walk straight but I've gone too many places just to sample food feats beyond imagination. I started blogging about food after my first experience of an exquisite food experience at Palawan four years ago. It was Chicken Inato but since I can't blog the story behind the pictures back then because my mom will definitely worry about my feet, I've just posted pictures. Few months after, I've gone back to Palawan, Vigan, Pagudpud and Boracay to have more culinary adventures. My metal implant never hindered my passion to explore places to search for real exotic and really delicious Filipino dishes and my most unforgettable was Tamilok (shipworm) during my 40th Birthday last year braving a backpack adventure from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, Palawan and back for 11 days. 
I love eating food that I've shared the passion to friends,
my family,
and my students. Because food is what always makes me the happiest person on earth, I'd brave all sorts of obstacles just to get there. My blog started in 2004 like how everything started - a breakup but since the passion to write was because of trying to remember food and restaurants, it evolved in a mix-up of niche and I didn't really mind the buzz on credibility. I still believe it's the passion to write and to share that matters and as long as there's a new feat to explore, I know I will stop at nothing. 
I'm still eager to learn what other food finds I haven't explored and recipes from other regions to share in my blog. I still adore the Chao Long at Puerto Princesa the Vietnamese refugees left in Palawan and I would really want to explore more dishes and more importantly the stories behind the food that'll be worth sharing to not just my readers but my students. I may limp on every path but I'd definitely brave the roads and the weather if it's another culinary adventure. It's the story behind the food and the experiences that truly amazes me every time. I want to be the Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger because I want to share the stories about our culture unwritten in history books. I love the Filipino dishes and I love the Filipino. 
My plan to brave next year is The Babuyan Islands. It isn't a joke and I'm really serious to find out if the baboy (pork) in Babuyan Islands different from the pork elsewhere. Is the baboy more delicious in Babuyan Islands? Are there still so many food finds unwritten in books? I really want to know more.
What's your favorite food find?