Event: Pinoy Pride YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos endorses Mang Juan Chicharron

Mikey Bustos' Pinoy Pride continues to bring him more surprises. From uploading more than 15 Pinoy tutorials to winning awards and hitting more than 6 million views on YouTube, he wowed us all endorsing Jack and Jill's Mang Juan Chicharron yesterday at Bar One in Holiday Inn. He is the ideal face for the classic pinoy food - chicharron.
It was an honor being with Mikey in a room of selected bloggers and he shared us all how much he adores Filipino food. From his mom's cooking of adobo, he boasts of Filipino food to friends. His Pinoy Food Dining tutorial begins with, "What's going on, Chicharron?" I really love his tutorials and I still keep sharing them to my students and friends.
He shares, "Our food is one of the many things that add to our rich culture, and being able to endorse Mang Juan and such cornerstone food items of our culture makes me feel so blessed from my deepest of roots", he says. "I'm honored to represent such an amazing and truly Pinoy brand", he continues.
Mikey possesses a strong and authentic Filipino identity indeed although he was born and bred abroad. This Filipino-Canadian Idol always features the Filipino culture in his video tutorials and sings with the musical legends in TV shows with a humble attitude. I must've been a goof again saying his mom must be so proud about his achievements. It was also an honor to meet his brother (a great dancer) and a friendly gentleman who have always supported his endeavors. 
Jack and Jill's Mang Juan Chicharron is is made of real fried pork rinds sans the cholesterol. It's a snack that comes in exciting flavors like Espesyal Sukang Paombong, Espesyal Suka't Sili and Spicy Sisig from Universal Robina Corporation (URC).
I love the Espesyal Suka't Sili flavor as it brings chicharron a special kick. Watch out for his TV commercial featuring Mang Juan Chicharron airing soon and don't miss him tonight at Bar One as he gives a live performance to all the fans and friends. I love Mikey Bustos being a proud endorser of not just Mang Juan Chicharron but the Filipino culture which the born and bred in the Philippines have yet to appreciate.
Jack and Jill's Mang Juan Chicharron is now available in grocery aisles and households nationwide.


  1. Congratulations, Mikey! Looking forward to see your commercial on TV! =)

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    looking forward on your youtube video for this product :)

  3. Awesome Mikey will be on TV soon! Watch out for it!


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