Event: My Teacher's Day Celebration with Red Box's Rock, Dine and Roll

It was a fun day singing at Red Box Eastwood  last night with fellow bloggers which I thought was a different world from the World Teacher's Day celebration at school. I've frequent Red Box Greenbelt with my sister who loves to sing and fellow co-teachers in the past. It was so exciting knowing many things that have changed in Red Box since my last visit. It was actually their recognition of continued patronage being one of the leading music hubs in the city. 
When we were served a sumptuous buffet before the program, I was surprised to have noticed a former student of mine working at Red Box Eastwood. Francis Ancheta who was my former campus journalist in 2000 recognized me and it really felt good catching up on some of the stories we both share about his classmates. He told me about the new promos of Red Box which gave me more ideas on party and event celebrations with fellow teachers.
Red Box had really redefined entertainment with Rock, Dine and Roll. After the program with Mr.Paul Del Rosario and FILSCAP ( Filipino Association of Composer, Authors and Publishers) which allowed everyone to notice the improvement of Red Box's interiors, recreational options like high-speed WIFI access, a pool and poker table and option to use in-house gaming consoles, they've also announced the licensee of FILSCAP with Red Box supporting the local music industry. I had fun playing pool with blogger friends while waiting for my turn to sing in their big room. I've also explored the other friends' rooms who simply enjoyed the wide selection of songs. 
They have also introduced their new dishes served at their Red Box branches with their new gourmet menu selection and new appetizers like the line of Asian and California inspired rolls. I can't wait to try their Red Box Sushi Samba and the 12 sumptuous recipes named after top musical hits on my next visit.
Funny how I didn't expect to bump into one of my students thinking I was away from the World Teachers Day celebration last night. Oh, but I surely enjoyed it and I can't wait to visit again.
I love to sing and eat and Red Box is just the perfect place to enjoy both now making me rekindle my passion to play pool while waiting for my turn to get on the mic.
Red Box Rock Dine and Roll is open from Mondays to Sundays. For inquiries and reservations, please call, 757-6188 (Greenbelt), 355-7921 (Eastwood), (032)417-1675 (Cebu) and Red Box Star 901-8833 (Trinoma), For other announcements, visit and like the Red Box Rock Dine and Roll official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Box-Rock-Dine-Roll.