Event: McDonalds celebrates 30 years with the bloggers

I've experienced BigMac a few years after it re-opened in the Philippines in 1981 and I've only realized that last September 29, 2011 at the opening of the McDonalds Makati Cinema Square. I still remember how my father had bragged about BigMac in McDo Cubao back in 1984. It was also the first time I've tasted McDo's world-famous fries and Sundae which my father had been stingy about it when I was young. 
I was so happy attending the 30th year celebration of McDonalds (30 years of Magic) in the Philippines and have reflected on how much I have patronized the products which to this day is still hard to resist. Like most people of the same generation, I have missed their Strawberry Milkshake and have began loving their new McCafe Premium Roast Coffee which I was surprised to know available anytime of the day. McDonalds made my life difficult last month as it took so many hours and quite a while to have the goodies delivered to my home because of their renovations. Since yesterday they have simultaneously re-opened to the public four new stores with varied innovative and distinct designs. 
The re-opening of McDonalds Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, North Avenue and Quezon Avenue yesterday unveiled new designs to suit the changing lifestyles of its Filipino consumers. In celebration of their 30th Anniversary, each of the McDonalds stores adapts a different design concept with more comfortable and spacious dining areas, chairs and tables veering away from the usual fiery red concept of the multinational food chain. They now have the "Tidy Man" (a stick figure showing where to put trash and those signs in the comfort rooms) and their famous stylized text of BigMac's signature song. I remembered how it was famous when I was young and still want to recall singing it to this day. Who would not want to remember, "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun". 
Bloggers who participated during the event had fun joining their games recalling the famous facts about McDonalds through these years. I was happy also appreciating the new designs in different stores and can't wait to visit each store presented during the event. McDonalds Makati Cinema Square has savvy graphics against neutral and timeless color; Greenhills with an officeFun theme and play with displays of quirky furniture selections to match customers' enjoying sweet treats at its Dessert Center and McCafe area.
McDonalds Quezon Avenue bears a design based on neutral color palette, accentuated with a range of graphic overlays that provide a cafe ambiance - warm and comfortable. North Avenue branch features the same design elements but with more splashes of color against an appetizing coffee-color palette, providing a relaxing environment but keeping the customers in an upbeat and positive mood all day long. All their designs this year reflect the pragmatic spirit of the store catering to all the needs and taste of the Filipino today. They have maintained the commitment to giving us all the best and I truly appreciate the progressive changes. Like my late father and my relatives abroad who patronize McDo, I'd continue living always knowing that McDonalds will be available 24 hours a day anytime and any day of the week. 
By the way, did you know the full name of Ronald McDonald?