Event: Marvin Quizon of BSU tops 2011 Magnolia Ice Cream Tub Wraps Contest

It's the hope that Christmas brings that inspired Marvin Quizon of Bulacan State University to win the grand prize of  P20,000 at the Magnolia Ice Cream's Tub Wrap Contest recently concluded in Trinoma Mall last Tuesday, October 11, 2011.
Since 2008, Magnolia had consistently held the Tub Wrap Contest for students to not just promote their yearly tradition to bring new flavors to celebrate for the holidays but also provide opportunities for our youth today in creating art masterpieces that everyone can appreciate about the Filipino Christmas tradition. On its 4th year, 66 entries from 16 schools participated and three lucky students won the major prizes. 
The 3rd place was awarded to Joanna Marie Dionisio of Bulacan State University (P10K) and the 2nd place to Myronne Ramirez of STI College Sta. Maria Bulacan (P15K). The awarding was also simultaneously held during the San Miguel Corporation's Christmas Festival dubbed, "Kapasko ng Bawat Pilipino". Fun prizes and surprises awaited the lucky participants who joined in the games and the booths prepared samples of products sold by San Miguel. The event hosted by Nicole Hyala and Tess Bomb also featured the unveiling of the new Magnolia Christmas Ice Cream Flavor, Triple Chocolate Treat ( a feat for the chocoholics ) which tub wrap will feature Marvin's design. 
It may have been the touching story of Marvin that truly inspired the judges at Magnolia Ice Cream to pick his design as the grand winner for the Tub Wrap Contest. It's a story of a family that prays together which goes through struggles and at the end of the story sticks together and eventually prays in unison which every Filipino hopes for. It's that hope that Magnolia Ice Cream also imparts in its campaigns in promoting its products with Manny Pacquiao as the most famous endorser. It's the hope that Magnolia Ice Cream delivers in creating products that we can all partake like the Mango Guimaras Festival flavor which will allow you to taste the wonderful Guimaras mangoes without having to travel and the Ube Keso which purple yams are produced from the famous Good Shepherd Missionaries in Baguio. It's always a flavor dream come true at Magnolia which tradition I am really sure will last a lifetime. More importantly, it's the hope and smile we give to children when we treat them Magnolia Ice Cream. The young-at-heart will never resist a Magnolia Ice Cream. What's your favorite Magnolia Ice Cream flavor?