Event: Mario's celebrates 40 years of creating memorable dining experiences with bloggers

40 years of Mario's famous flambe, unreplicable Ceasar Salad and more memorable dining experiences. I have always watched Mario's featured in the local movies in the 80's and it was an honor attending of the memorable 40th year celebration last Friday at Mario's Tomas Morato with fellow food bloggers. 
They were built on the same year I was born in Baguio. It was Mario and Nenuca Benitez who dreamt of establishing a restaurant through delectable Spanish cuisine that flourished after a few years. Since 1974, Mario's Tomas Morato became a homegrown name that defined fine dining among Pinoys and forty years after, they have gone beyond being just a restaurant. 
They still prepare their Classic Ceasar Salad in a wooden bowl with intricate procedures that set Mario's apart from all the other restaurants. It's really the Mario's Way which patrons prefer versus most restaurants' using all convenient processed sauces and mixes in their salads.
It's also another distinct Mario's Way of creating other dishes like Oysters Rockefeller and Gambas con Chorizo.
It was Mario's I remembered which offered freshly-made bread with butter before a steak meal or a main dish. I was happy with my Bacalao a la Vizcania although I had some of my friends' Corned Beef and Cabbage, Salpicon de Mar Y Tierra and Glazed Pork.
It was my first time eating Bacalao - salt-dried fillets soaked in water for a couple of days before cooking Mexicans eat on special occasions like Christmas and New Year's Eve. I was actually surprised to have not noticed I was eating fish because it's not salty nor sour with hefty chunks of tomatoes in the dish
I also enjoyed Arpee's Corned Beef and Cabbage served with Dijon Mustard and honey mustard sauce. By the time I was about to try their Salpicon de Mar Y Tierra, I was already having a difficulty breathing. Their servings were too huge for one person and because I didn't pass getting some of their famous Paella Valenciana, I found it so hard to contain the overwhelming food on my plate.
It was a bad impulsive gluttony act to indulge on the Paella but it was really so tasty and it was really so hard to resist.
I was too excited at the Glazed Pork after hearing that the sauce is made of Santol. That's right, the exotic sweet and sour tropical fruit in the Philippines Santol ( which other provinces uses as the sour ingredient for their Sinigang) was infused in the sauce of Mario's Glazed Pork.
I really appreciated the fruity flavor in the Glazed Pork and would like to boast it to my mom when she comes home.
The perfect ending was the array of delectable cakes and dessert made the Mario's Way. We were shown a demo of their old school Mango Flambe with Cointreau
I remembered how flambe was really famous in the 80's and almost all the restaurants offered then after Mario's was featured in local TV shows and movies. I've had flambe in many restaurants in the past but Mario's Way made me rekindle that love for exquisite dining I've missed with all the processed and convenient packs available in all restaurants. It's really the Mario's Way that makes them a class above the rest and I would like to pass on the tradition now that they have also improved with more services. New logo, new breakfast menu and their growing patrons at Special Sunday Lunch Buffet which is too affordable at P600++. I'm so excited to try their sterling selection of pastas, roast beef and their legendary Canonigo.
My diabetic friends were so happy with their Sugar-Free cakes like this Apple Cinnamon Pie and their classic Jello. There's always something for everybody at Mario's and I would like to pass on the tradition of dining the Mario's Way to my son and the next generation.
Try dining the Mario's Way and have them cater at your parties and events.
For more information:
Mario’s Quezon City Restaurant is located at Tomas Morato corner Scout Gandia in Quezon City. Call 415-3887 or 372-0360 or e-mail mariosquezoncity@yahoo.com. Mario’s Baguio, located along Session Road, also accepts inquiries and reservations through (074) 442-4241 or e-mail marios_baguio@yahoo.com. Mario’s Baguio boasts facilities ideal for special events in the highlands, with perfect but affordable packages for weddings, debuts, reunions, baptisms or birthday celebrations.
Visit their new website at www.marios.com.ph and like their Facebook page here for more updates and promos.


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