Event: Figaro's Christmas Pastries sure to bring that Yuletide spirit

Candy canes will always make me feel Christmas in an instant. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company recently launched their new Christmas Treats at Shangrila Mall with bloggers. It was a perfect cup of coffee on a rainy Friday night last week punctuated by delightful pastries that brought me Christmas spirit in an instant. 
Meet Figaro's Fruit Cake, a chocolate-based cake full of fruit and nuts lazed with alcohol (brandy) oozing  with white chocolate royal icing and glazed fruits. It isn't the hard regular fruit cake we all love to pass on to friends because it's really moist and chewy. What's best about this is the less alcohol content which more kids will really appreciate.
Ole original Gingerbread Cookie, a biscuit made of soft dough, butter and sugar frosted with special royal icing and candy confetti sprinkles. Less on the ginger spice yet soft enough to enjoy any time of the day. It's really a perfect perk-up on those gloomy rainy days matched with a perfect cup of hot coffee at Figaro.
Christmas Tree Cookie, a biscuit made of soft dough, butter and sugar and much similar in texture with the Gingerbread Cookie without the ginger spice. It's too dainty and festive, you'd want to hang 'em in your Christmas tree instead of biting into it. It's not too sweet and not too soft which would make the biscuit a perfect pasalubong as well for yourself and your family.
Butterscotch Bar isn't just perfect during Christmas because I love them as a delectable ending of a Gourmet Meal at Figaro. It is made of sugar, butter and cream, caramelized and finished with a shiny chocolate glazed and topped with nuts. 
Red Velvet Cake of Figaro is an elegant cake which is moist and delicious with a wonderful chocolate taste with heavenly creamy rich frosting to bring that Christmas spirit. The red color made me remember the colors of Christmas plus the chocolate dream taste. It's a festive visual and gustatory delight garnished with nuts on the side.
Pistachio Biscotti, a crisp and crunchy double-baked cookie dressed for the holidays with lovely green pistachio dipped both ends with white chocolate. I had fun dipping them in my coffee and not while chatting with friends about how this pastry can also be made into pieces and served with other treats during a long stay-cation at home. It's a great match with a hot cup of coffee on a stormy day.
Finally, my real Christmas dream of candy cane as Peppermint Brownie. It's a chewy and fudgy brownie topped with mint-flavored frosting and finished with a white chocolate glaze and candy confetti sprinkles. It brought joy to my face at the first bite and I will definitely grab lots of these every chance I get at Figaro. It's my favorite among all these new Christmas pastries at Figaro. It's really beginning to feel like Christmas and the good news is that these are available starting October 3, (that's tomorrow) until January of next year. I really love Figaro's Peppermint Brownie and it's really starting to feel like Christmas. 
Candy canes as brownie, candy canes as ice cream and what else can we use Peppermint for to bring that holiday spirit?
Have a Fruit Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Peppermint Brownie, Butterscotch Bar, Pistachio Biscotti, Gingerbread Cookie and Christmas Tree Cookie now at Figaro available anytime any day of the week.