My Favorite T-Shirt I've kept for years

My mom really knows me more than anyone in this world. The first gift she ever gave after leaving for Las Vegas in 2001 was a shirt she said that truly describes me. I remember clearly how this shirt was wrapped in a Balikbayan box that was filled with goodies and scraps of sorts which was hilarious at the time because she even had to put some Christmas wrappers and those kitchen utensils together with the usual canned meats and chocolates. When the package arrived, she called and said "I gave you a shirt I am definitely sure you will love". Before she left when she asked what I wanted for "padala", I requested a Sex and The City Shirt which was only available in the US back then but she wasn't able to get one because where she lived was towns away from where it can be bought. I was just too happy after seeing this shirt and since I never really cared about what people think about me, I've always worn them. What's even nice about this shirt was that the cut is "sabrina" type which gave me chances to flaunt my shoulders. The color of the shirt was also relevant to my message - not too simple, yet not too flashy. I've also thought that it's too gay (happy and really not the girly type) so I've worn it for years. A few years after, I've worn similar style of shirts even on Friday free-style and it just made me more confident to wear sexy attire. Some administrators I work with at school would complain and say I should wear more conservative clothes and that it would affect my students if I'd be wearing this type of statement shirts which would spell more controversies about interpretations. I cared less then and I still wore it until last year when I noticed my stomach getting bigger than my chest so that the shirt would stretch up and show my love handles and my "bilbil". It looked awful and the sleeves will just come off every time so I've made a decision to end my relationship with my favorite T-shirt. To this day, I still keep it, thinking I'd finally have the discipline to control my appetite and really seriously work on my weight and my size. Now that I've read that someone in the world needs this shirt, I'd gladly share it to better help those who need confidence as it proved to be my "blusang itim" for years. If I was able to gain wisdom, memorable learning experience and most of all, confidence wearing this shirt, who knows what magic it can bring to anyone in the world. I'd cry separating from the shirt I really loved, but sometimes, you need to lose to win, right?
I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too. I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Not necessarily. I think it depends on what you are losing. If it's something that is valuable yet useless then maybe it is worth giving up. Besides, memories are recalled often by simple stimuli that we see everyday. NICE :)

  2. The expression I used was used using the context. but thanks anyways for your comment.

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    sometimes, it really sucks losing something that you valued most. but instead of thinking how'll you feel after loosing it, think about what joy it might bring to a person who needs it more. :) it's worth it.

  4. hey there, thanks for your comments!


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