I got back with my favorites at Flapjacks!

They are really more than just breakfast now. I've visited Flapjacks UP Ayala-Technohub last Wednesday and indulged on Flapjacks' re-introduced signature dishes that my son love. Flapjacks brought back everyone's all-time favorites with "Back...Better...Best" I didn't miss with foodie friends. 
Back with my friends who love food, we tried Jack's Apple and Chicken (P225), Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions (P345), Grilled Pork Spareribs (P325) and their all-day breakfast Corned Beef (P255). 
While waiting for the dishes to be served, my friends were so surprised at Flapjacks Endless Coffee (P75) bottomless brewed coffee served hot, perfect after a stressful day at work. My friend Jaida opted to get a Fresh Mango Shake (P125) while the others had Refillable Soda (P75).
The gasping started and the discussion on similar interests stopped when Jack's Apple and Chicken was served. It was fresh, ripe and crunchy slices of apples on top of chicken salad wrapped with fresh and crispy romaine lettuce on ciabatta buns. Flapjacks also have Granny Smith Apple Burger (P295) with US Angus beef patty instead of chicken which my son really loved. 
Ingenious I thought and I did not imagine fresh apple slices would go well with sandwiches but after trying a bite of the two sandwiches, I was convinced never to underrate apples again in my life. 
The gasping continued at Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions served with Mexican rice (jalapeƱo flavored steamed rice), flavorful and tasty with peppered sauce which got the whole group excited and brought more conversations on how to use bacon with dishes. 
The discussions heated up when  Grilled Pork Spareribs was served and it was hard to notice which fork was into whose dish. The fall-off-the-bone experience of one got the whole group so excited. It was hard to contain laughter at my friends losing their social grace on the dinner table grabbing of plates and cutlery sampling at other's preferred dishes. 
Finally, I ordered an all-day breakfast Corned Beef combo which I really love at Flapjacks. Compared to the last experience at Greenhills branch last time, Flapjacks had prepared their corned beef without tomatoes. Diners have choices to have their eggs scrambled or sunny side-up and their corned beef sauteed with onions and tomatoes or just onions alone. My friends were so surprised at the hefty serving and the fluffiness of the scrambled eggs which I know would be hard to copy at home. It was really perfectly scrambled eggs. 
The eggs issue implored more laughter and more jokes until it turned to awe when the Tutti Frutti Crepe (banana flavor) (P145) arrived. The crepe was still hot filled with fresh bananas smothered with delicious caramel syrup served with delectable vanilla ice cream and drizzled generously with chocolate syrup. The confectionery sugar made it even sweeter and it got the whole group so quiet and happy. 
The dishes made everyone feel really good despite our busy schedules and issues about our common interests at work. We also loved the al-fresco dining area at the back of Flapjacks UP Ayala Technohub overlooking the Kois and the wonderful sunset view. It was a perfect place to bond with friends with service crew who even joined the jokes and the laughter. The cozy became homey ambiance would be one memorable dining experience I will never forget. Flapjacks brought back the all-time favorite dishes with not just better preparation and taste, It also brought back my laughter in the midst of work stress I'd always cherish with my friends best.
Have breakfast served anytime of the day and more with exciting new dishes at Flapjacks. Visit their branches in Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Theater Mall, Greenhills, Al Fresco, Midtown and UP Ayala Techno-hub. For more information and updates, sign up at mybistro.com.ph or visit their website at flapjacks.com.ph