Event: Maya Kitchen features Bravo! Ristorante Italiano dishes

Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Minestrone alla Milanese, Raviolli con Spinaci (with Ricotta and Spinach Walnut Sauce), Risotto Bravo (rice dish with Italian sausage), Osso Buco (Beef Shank with Risotto Milanese) and Panna Cotta (Creamy Italian dessert with mango jam topping) are some of the most favorite dishes loved at Bravo Ristoriante Italiano shared at the Maya Kitchen Cooking Demo yesterday in Makati. Maya's famed Hotcake Mix (Fluffy and Tasty) never left my grocery bag and I've trusted the brand for years for its consistent perfect blend of flavors that's convenient for busy moms like me.
It was my first time at Maya's Kitchen and I was surprised that moms who brought their kids to the cooking lessons have opportunities to join the monthly cooking demonstration on the other side of the classroom. Established since 1964, Maya's Kitchen had been providing customers limitless ways to prepare different recipe's using Maya Hotcake and cake mixes. 
The first recipe shared was the PannaCotta, a famous Italian dessert made my simmering together cream, milk and sugar with gelatin. Bravo's chef made it creamier using 18.5g whipping cream and 18.4g full cream milk and 1.9g of unflavored gelatin dissolved in cold water before use. The secrets shared in most recipes yesterday was the precise measurement of ingredients and the distinct preparation to create the perfect presentation of food. I really enjoyed the Mango Jam on top of the creamy PannaCotta.
Next was Bravo's famed Osso Buco and Risotto Bravo, a Milanese specialty using lamb shanks with carrots, potatoes, peppers, onions seared and baked with white wine and broth. It was served with Risotto Bravo cooked by consequent addition of water and mixed well until cooked. 
The next dish was the Ravioli con Spinach, spinach leaves minced and blended to mixture with ricotta cheese, parmesan and eggs.  Pasta was made fresh using Maya Cake Flour, eggs and water and rolled to create ravioli shapes. The secret shared here was blanching the spinach-filled ravioli before preparing the white sauce mixture. The Ravioli con Spinach was garnished with fresh basil leaves.
Minestrone alla Milanese was simmered potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, bacon in beef broth. Boil kidney beans in a separate pot and add it to the mixture with cooked rice to thicken the soup. I really loved the texture of the Minestrone garnished with parsley flakes and the kidney beans (soaked overnight) to create the perfect mixture. 
Pasta with Tuna Tuscan was the easiest dish prepared with Bravo's Tuna Tuscan Sauce. Bravo Ristorante Italiano makes Bravo Deli Items often existent in all leading supermarkets and groceries with their famed Pesto Sauce. I've always purchased their Pesto Cheese Spread and although I have tasted all the other products they sell, I have only appreciated Tuna Tuscan Sauce prepared in pasta yesterday at Maya Kitchen. It was so easy just heating the contents in the Bravo Tuna Tuscan Sauce bottle and mixed with spaghetti pasta and the smell will definitely make you a gourmet chef in an instant to your family. The aroma gave more room to my stomach after all the dishes served and demonstrated. I was surprised to have more appetite after smelling the enchanting Tuna Tuscan Sauce. It was really unforgettable convincing me to hoard more Bravo Deli Items like their Artichoke and Spinach Dip that can also be used as pasta sauce. 
Finally, the last dish cooked was the Quattro Formaggi Pizza (4-cheese Pizza), cream, gorgonzola, parmesan and mozzarella cheese on freshly-made dough. I was happy that it wasn't too salty considering it used four types of cheeses and the dough was thin and crispy which would give me more ideas to wow my friends. It's a pizza made simple yet delicious with four types of cheeses available in all groceries and supermarkets nationwide.
Maya Kitchen offers Lifestyle Essentials (with workshops) like the Junior Weekend Chef Course, Food Cart Operation Management on Sept. 10 (P2,000), Homemade Processed Meats Course on Sept. 17, (P2,000), Native Delicacies/Kakanin on Sept. 24 (P1,500) and Certificate Courses with hands-on like Baking and Cake Decorating on Sept. 10,17 and 24 (P6,000), Fundamentals of Bakery Production on Sept. 20-23 (P6,000), Basic Culinary Course on Sept. 27-30 (P7,000) and TESDA registered course Commercial Cooking NCII: (400 hours) (P20,000) lecture, demo and workshop course for career and professional cooks. 
The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center is located at the 8F Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City. For more information, call 892-1185 or 892-5011 local 108 or email contactus@themayakitchen.com or log on to www.themayakitchen.com.