Event: Globe's Mobile Internet Portal Launch

I love browsing using my phone. I've been enjoying Globe's Supersurf 50 all day unlimited internet with my old phone early this year but I didn't expect to win my dream phone after attending Globe's media launch of their new Mobile Internet Portal at Ascott Residences, Glorietta 4, Makati last Thursday. 
Globe had noticed the number of wap users always checking their balances and opening social networks using their phones and this taunted them to launch a new mobile internet site to do all that for FREE. The event hosted by JM Rodriguez explained how different and more convenient it is using the new mobile internet portal you can use with any type of phone with web browsing capability. Sarah Geronimo endorsed the "You're On" skin of Globe's Mobile Internet Portal showing easy access to all services frequently visited by subscribers. With the new Mobile Internet Portal, you are connected all the time, even when on-the-go maximizing your phone's features at very affordable internet browsing rates. 
I used to complain of the internet service charges in my bill but because of the Time Browsing feature and now a new unlimited internet rates for postpaid subscribers, I've began enjoying surfing using my phone connecting to all my friends in my favorite social networking sites. Aside from the new interface of Globe's new Mobile Internet Portal, the site features basic services many subscribers are interested with like checking of postpaid/prepaid charges and the new tab, We Share where you'd easily be directed to your favorite social networking sites compatible to your phone's Operating System. 
Globe answered my problems on how to access my favorite internet sites using WAP and WIFI. I used to maximize Google to try connecting to wap sites I frequent with my phone and with Globe's new Mobile Internet Portal, it's all convenient by clicking their We Share tab. I've also heard that all particular types of subscription for prepaid and postpaid is available at one click in the Services tab of Globe's new Mobile Internet Portal. Everything is actually free except that you'd be redirected to a prompt message that'll tell you that the wap site you'd be visiting will incur charges. I became more confident because of their Supersurf Unlimited Internet services rates from P50/one day, P220/5days and P999/30days for postpaid and P50/one day and P220/5days for Globe and TM prepaid subscribers. Before the sponsored screening of Zombadings 1:Patayin sa Shokot si Remington at Glorietta featuring free exclusive movie app content in Globe's new Mobile Internet Portal was a QandA game that completely changed my mood the whole day.
I actually won a Nokia C7! Now I have completely decided to consider an Unlimited Data Plan because of my new Nokia C7 at my Globe subscription since 1997. 
I tried accessing Globe's new Mobile Internet Portal using different phones and even on my PC and oh my, they actually offer a FREE Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman Phone upon subscription of My Super Surf Plan 999 online. Yes, offer is only available online but who would not want to get a Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman ANDROID WALKMAN PHONE with free Sony Ericsson Media Speaker Stand MS430 and free 3 pre-embedded Glee songs exclusive with the phone (not available in market). You and I should hurry because the promo is only from August 12 to September 20,2011.