Event: Figaro's new Banana Berry Delight Frost and Raspberry Mint Latte

Banana is an under-rated super fruit in the Philippines. I've attended a Bloggers Event of Figaro featuring the newest Banana Berry Delight Frost and Raspberry Mint Latte last Monday at Figaro Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong City. I've learned another concoction with bananas mixed with Strawberry and banana chips with a generous scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top with Figaro's Banana Berry Delight Frost. It really tasted like the Banana Split ice cream my father used to treat me when I was young every time I've gained honors in elementary. The thick and creamy banana shake mixed with strawberry syrup got more exciting with the banana chips bits on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream that's really hard to resist. It was so filling I need no dish to relieve my hunger of trying to skip dinner that night and I've learned to use the banana chips I love to munch while watching movies at home 
Raspberry Mint Latte was served with the beautiful you'd-want-to-stare-and-not-drink amazing latte art presentation. Upon opening the lid of the hot cup of coffee, the latte art left me with a long awe before I've decided to sip a bit. Alas, at the first sip was a wonderful mixture of raspberry coffee with a hint of mint that cleared my nose in an instant. It was surprisingly refreshing considering that it's hot because of the mint flavor perfectly blended with the raspberry syrup on a cup of espresso-based coffee. I needed to incubate my thoughts after the stress I've been getting in preparation for the QC Division Secondary Schools Press Conference that day and it relieved me in an instant.
I'd definitely get some of this Raspberry Mint Latte again when I visit Figaro next time and treat my students to Banana Berry Delight Frost because it's a drink they'd truly appreciate. 
Try them both available at all Figaro branches nationwide starting Sept. 15!


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    yup! love these too! =)


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