Event: Eat Brains at Al-Fahkr's

Having a hard time thinking? Eat brains at Al-fahkr's located at Maginhawa St. UP Village, Quezon City. It's a catchy line that brought Persian food madness to all of us foodies who attended the first bloggers night at Al-fahkr's last Friday.
We were first served their famous Grilled Lambchops (P165) served with steamed rice, grilled tomatoes and onions, Beef and Chicken Kebab Combo (P125) and Beef Curry Kebab (P130). 
A bite of each made me remember our college heydays of going on food trips near our Alma Mater. Al-fahkr's had been serving Persian food for years and I do remember a college close friend who treated me for their famed Kebabs but back then, alcohol was served in the area. It was my first time to try their Beef Curry Kebab and I was really surprised at how they have concocted the dish with a perfect blend of spices. It's not too Persian (not that spicy) yet the flavors of Mediterranean is really existent making you enjoy the sweetness of the spices without overpowering the flavors of the fresh-grilled meat. I really enjoyed it and I guess the kids will too because it's not really that spicy.
Keema Rice (P70), sauteed ground beef in special spices would make you want to compare it to sisig or simply "giniling" but the spices were prepared different. We also had a sample of Grilled Persian Chicken (100), chicken breast grilled with Persian spices marinade. Again, it's not too spicy and not too salty to better make you enjoy the Persian food experience. 
Finally, the heat of the conversations turned up with the serving of the Ox Brain (P60), boiled Ox brain with spices. Compared to Ox Brain I've tried before served with simple chilies and lemon, Al-fahkr's Ox brain is sweet, sour, tangy and spicy that'll just remind you of the usual texture of brains in "sisig" with an explosion of flavors. It isn't that gamey because my Pinoy tongue was already used to more brains served in "sisig" and it isn't too bland and sour compared to the ox brain served in most famous Persian resto.
The sweetness may have been coming from the chopped grilled tomatoes, onions and chilis mixed with spices that'll alleviate the fear of those faint-of-heart-at-exotic-foods. We will definitely appreciate brains at Al-fahkr's like we have imbibed the 'balot-love" culture and since Al-fahkr's had prepared it "Pinoy-style", the students and the like will take it as a culinary adventure with zero difficulty.
It was a memorable Persian food indulgence with foodies who appreciate the meat madness like most Pinoys. You don't really need brains to make you brainy but the dining experience will definitely make you think of Pinoy palate evolving and adapting food cultures like never before. What to get from Ox brains?

  • the brain is the best source of healthy oils in all land animals. In fact, children who grew up eating brains of animals have healthier brains and nervous systems than those who didn't (source: naturalnews.com)
  • Animal brains are also very good source of cholesterol. It isn't actually cholesterol that cause heart disease because you need to consume some amount of it to manufacture essential hormones.

Consumption of any food should be practiced in moderation as they say and considering that Ox brains really help us have healthier brains, we should at least consume some amount of it to produce essential hormones. That and more reasons why you should try Al-fahkr's at Maginhawa St. UP Village, Quezon City.
Stop thinking, eat the brains!