Share your Banana Morning Motto with Dole Philippines and win prizes!

Wake up every morning with bananas and never feel leg cramps again. Bananas are always my answer to those students in the clinic with leg cramps and it always work. It's the most convenient fruit available everywhere and it's cheap. Yes, the bananas you ignore is actually a super fruit because it's packed with vitamins and minerals. Compared to apples, bananas have nearly: five times the vitamin A, the protein, three times the phosporus and more. A cup of this yellow fruit contains 41% of your recommended vitamin B6, 33% of your recommended manganese, 23% of your recommended potassium, 15% of your recommended magnesium, copper, vitamin C, Folate and Fiber. If the bananas you get from streets maybe suspicious of harmful chemicals as preservatives, have a Dole Banana available at supermarkets and 7-Eleven chains nationwide. With Dole bananas, you are ensured of quality and packaging that'll surely give you those nutrients you need to keep the cramps away.
What's best about Dole Bananas these days is their positive campaign to help the community wake up each day with a MOTTO. Have a banana motto to lift your spirits up every morning and win prizes. Starting Aug.5- September 4, 2011, Dole Philippines with their Facebook Page @DoleFreshPhilippines will run their Banana Morning Motto Contest. 
Here's how:

This contest will run only for four (4) weeks until September 4, 2011 and one lucky entry every week will win exciting prizes like Zumba classes and The Spa GCsPer DTI-NCR Permit #5769  . Series of 2011.
I joined with my Dole Philippines' Banana Morning Motto: "A banana a day gets rid of those cramps away". I believe this motto and I've lived with it since I've experienced the power of bananas with my leg cramps everyday. 
What's your Banana Morning Motto? Like Dole Philippines and start sharing to your friends your wonderful Dole Philippines' Banana Morning Motto now! For more information, visit Dole Fresh Philippines Facebook Page and read the complete mechanics here.
Oh, and while you're at it, like my entry and comment on this page your entry so I will like them too and we'd have more chances of winning those prizes! Don't you just love your bananas now?


  1. Good One... I have a post in my blog about banana also and its benefits especially for brain functions :)

  2. I surely can relate. I hate leg cramps after or even during running; hence, a banana saves my race :)

  3. Thanks for your comments @Filipino Blog and MinnieRunner! bananas are lifesavers eh?


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